Kim Domingo fall in love at first sight with her adorable dog

Dogs are practically everyone’s best friend. People really become soft-hearted when these furry friends started giving us the “puppy eyes”. The best thing about them would be their sweetness towards people. Out of nowhere, they would be playful towards you. They would also show-off their cute little tricks often. They would guard you while inside the house. When you come home from a tiring day, just one look at them and all your stress would vanish right then and there.


For some, they serve as a member of the family. The love their owners show them is very similar to how they treat someone blood-related. We can’t deny that no one could ever resist their charm. The dog and owner relationship would always be adorable at all times.

Even celebrity like Kim Domingo also is a certified dog lover herself. Recently, she introduced her new dog named Kooper on Instagram. She received this precious gift from Marvelous Paws, a shop which also sells imported puppies like teacup Pomeranians, poodles, Maltese, and corgis. Her caption wrote:“Hello Kooper! Thank you@aamarvelous for this adorable puppy! Na love at first sight ako sa puppy na to eh. Yey ! Nadagdagan nanaman ang aking furbabies ! 8 na sila lahat…”

Kooper is her 8th dog as of the moment. He is the newest addition to the growing pack she currently takes care of.

The Kapuso actress has always had a special spot in her heart for them. She even encouraged other people to adopt pets in one of her Instagram posts before. In fact, she also has an adopted dog.

Kim Domingo currently appears on the comedy sitcom “Bubble Gang.” She became viral for her Dubsmash videos and many adored her innocent but alluring beauty which earned her the title “Asia’s Fantasy”.