Remember the Jukebox King April Boy Regino? This is his life now after loosing his career

Dennis “April Boy” Regino (born on April 9, 1969) was a recording artist from the Philippines. He is the oldest of three brothers, all of which are musicians. His brothers, Vingo and Jimmy, are members of the novelty group April Boys. He migrated to the United States and worked as an entertainer to the Filipino-American community.

In an interview with GMA’s Startalk, ‘90s Jukebox King April Boy Regino revealed that after surviving prostate canc3r, he is now suffering from diab3tes.


April Boy said he almost went blind and he underwent surgery to be able to see again.

“Pumutok ang ugat ng mata ko sa sobrang taas siguro ng blood sugar. Isang taon din akong nawalan ng paningin. Natakpan ng dugo ‘yung dalawang mata ko tapos ‘yun, nag pa-opera ako. Hindi totally malinaw na malinaw, Malabo pa rin pero kahit papaano may pag-asa ako balang araw lilinaw din yan,” he said.

After facing tough challenges in his life, he has embraced God and realized that wealth is nothing if you don’t believe in God. He used to think that when he retired, he’ll just be relaxing and drinking alc0hol but everything changed when his health deteriorated.

“Isang pitik lang pala ng Diyos sa ‘yo, isang palo lang wala na lahat. Akala mo kasi sa una ikaw ang Diyos sa buhay mo e, pala may Diyos palang totoo, ang Panginoong Hesus Kristo lang.” he reflected.

While recuperating, he did a Christian album entitled Jesus Tanging Hiling under GMA records. He thanked them for giving him a chance despite his illness and he’s hopeful that he’ll eventually recover.

It was 2017 when he also shared how President Duterte helped him to survive. “I lost my inspiration to sing since I lost my eyesight, I feel like I lost hope to live, lost will to survive, I didn’t entertain the thought of singing).

Regino admitted he drawing strength from Duterte who is supporting him and his wife in their day to day living.

“Maraming, Maraming salamat po mahal na pangulo, Kaya po ako bumangon. (Thank you, Thank you, my beloved president, that’s why I am coping).”

Despite his handicap, Duterte avails Regino’s services to sing in some public functions.

Now, he again gained sympathy from the netizens after Willie invited him to a guest on his show in GMA, WOWOWIN. April boy expressed his gratitude towards Willie when the host helped him when he became blinded by diab3tes. According to April boy, Willie was the first one who helped him and gave money for his operation.


The touching revelation made the viewers cry and somehow believe that on every downfall, there will be an uplifting hand. What can you say about his story?