Ronnie Alonte’s latest interview surprises many people on social media.
Every one of us deserves to be with someone who will make you see the joy of life. Someone who will bring out the best and you and make you realized how much blessed you are as a person compared to other people. Someone who will make you feel strong even at your weakest point because he or she is there by your side all the time giving out their support no matter what happens. All of us deserves to be with someone who we will love and who will also love as back forever until the end of days.
But it is not that simple to find the perfect person who will fit in every spot of your life. There are times when we feel like we want to push things the way we want it to be not knowing that faith is working on its way for us to see the things that should have happened in our life.  We sometimes make our story for our own not knowing that there are a lot of factors before we can find our special someone. We should prepare ourselves for what is coming up for us with the someone we choose to be.
Being in a relationship or starting to build a relationship is not that easy. It would take you a lot of courage before you can even tell the person how much you love them and how much you are willing to do anything for them.
It would take a lot of understanding, love, and trust from two person who wants to build a relationship for it to become better and healthy in the future. You need to understand where the other person is coming from and hear out their explanation about the things that had happened and make sure that you are all ears for them.
There are a lot of times when we get to have misunderstandings with the people we love because of the things that we did in the past and how we reacted to it without minding about the feelings of the other person.
For celebrities who are quite well-known individuals, it is too hard for them to keep their love life away from the people especially if the both of them are in the showbiz industry. Many people will see them together and once.
Just like how the phenomenal stars, Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio’s relationship can’t be away from the eyes of the people because the two of them are quite well-known to many people. They had made a lot of people fall in love with their chemistry that they did not work much about because it was always there.
According to an interview video of Ronnie Alonte that is on YouTube, the two of them had been distant for days now because of Loisa’s busy schedule because she has a lot of shoots and taping that she needs to attend to for her career.
Many people who love the two noticed that in the past few days, Loisa’s tweets on her account seems to be sad as if there is something that is going on between the two of them. Many people think that it is because of the Ronnie and they are wondering what happened between them.
A lot of people had been talking about this matter all around social media are sharing their thoughts and comments about this on YouTube.
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