Momoland Nancy’s reaction to Black Pink on stage attracted attention online.
The South Korean pop industry is one of the international cultures that are greatly influencing the world at present. Almost every country in the planet right now has some traces of the South Korean culture because of the so-called “Hallyu” which translates to “Korean wave” and is literally taking the world with a huge wave. People from across the globe has given so much appreciation to various Korean pop groups. They have become a part of the big community of K-pop fans who actively support the endeavors of their idols. They have somehow accustomed themselves to the life of a fan to various K-pop stars.
In South Korea, the Korean pop industry is so big that they have an excessive amount of K-pop idols. There are many Korean pop groups that have been created that entertain people with their talent for performing. A lot of them have become so big that they have already reached the international audience. There are also those that are just newly founded and is still trying to establish some rapport. The K-pop industry is so prominent that even though there has already been a huge supply of Korean pop idols, they still continue to produce more and they even search for them through reality talent search competitions.
One of the most famous female K-pop groups is the group Black Pink. The group consists of four members namely Jennie, Jisoo, RosĂ©, and Lisa. It is under the company YG Entertainment which is famous in Korea for having produced some of the most notable Korean pop stars. One of which is the internationally acclaimed girl group 2NE1 which are somehow being compared to Black Pink because they also had four members only. The group debuted on August 8, 2016, and since then, they have been producing some chart-topping performances. Their latest comeback is their song “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du” which fans have been waiting for almost a year already.
Recently, a video footage of Nancy’s reaction to Black Pink’s performance in a competition show is circulating online. The video became viral as people tried to know what was her reason for reacting the way she did.
Nancy Jewel McDonie is a part of the rising K-pop girl group Momoland. She received recognition from the international audience because of her outstanding beauty and charm.
In South Korea, there is a show in the MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) channel titled “Show! Music Core”. The show was meant for various k-pop groups to compete with each other by performing their latest songs. It includes all K-pop groups that have recently made a comeback regardless of their league or caliber. As such, the rising group Momoland who performed their latest single “Baam” will have to compete with various groups including Black Pink (which is regarded as their seniors) who just released their hit single “Ddu Du Ddu Du”. In the most recent episode of the show, Black Pink emerged as the victors in the competition.
However, during the awarding portion, a video clip showed Nancy’s reactions which didn’t look nice. It was as if that she was not happy about Black Pink winning the show and it seems like she was jealous about their success.
The video caught a lot of feedback from social media users. People had mixed reactions and opinions about Nancy’s intriguing facial reaction.
There were some people who felt disappointed by Nancy’s unexpected reaction that did not exhibit good sportsmanship. However, there were also those who came to Nancy’s defense by saying that she was probably just tired and sleepy which is why she had such a reaction.
The video that was uploaded by the channel Baby Ariel xx on the popular video streaming platform YouTubereally caused an uproar on the respective fan base of Momoland and Black Pink.
What can you say about Nancy’s reactions? Do you think that she was really jealous of the success of Black Pink? Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed the article.