Kyline Alcantara and Bianca Umali haves some fun in the GMA Anniversary celebration.
With civilization, a lot of industries have started to rise in our world at present. These industries have become an avenue for opportunity ventures of various industry players. There are many institutions in various industries that have withstood the test of time and have remained strong after everything that it has been through. They have become a solid foundation in the industry where they are at and some has even almost monopolized the whole industry. As such, these companies throw celebrations for the long years that they have survived. They do this so that their employees may be able to share in the success of the company.
One of the most popular industries in the country is the show business and entertainment industry. In it, there is a major industry player called the GMA Network. The GMA (Global Media Arts) Network is one of the biggest national commercial broadcast television and radio network in the Philippines. Its first broadcast on television is October 29, 1961. The GMA Network Inc. is also referred to as the “Kapuso” station. It has managed and developed a lot of famous celebrities and it is continuously producing more of them.
Two of the most popular artists of the GMA Network is Bianca Umali and Kyline Alcantara. These two women began in the industry at an early age and they are some of the rising young celebrities of the generation. The two of them are both brilliant actresses. Bianca is great at portraying the protagonist role while Kyline is a renowned actress for her excellent portrayal of antagonist roles. Both of them are starting to make a name for themselves as they were blessed by the GMA Network with numerous TV series projects. Kyline and Bianca are just two of the most promising celebrities in the industry that has a potential to become superstars in the future.
Some days ago, GMA celebrated their anniversary with a party. It was attended by many known personalities in the GMA Network including many celebrities. This includes Kyline Alcantara and Bianca Umali.
Recently, a video of Kyline and Bianca while enjoying the party surfaced on the internet. The video became viral as people watched how the two young celebrities spent their time at the party.
Everyone in the GMA Anniversary Party was having s much fun including Kyline and Bianca. The two young celebrities released their inner party animal as they danced and sing together.
The two were enjoying the party so much that they even went up to the stage to bring their partying to a higher level. The two took some mics and sand with the band on stage.
The video elicited a lot of feedback from the people and fans. Social media users had mixed reactions and opinions about the behavior of the two young celebrities in the party.
A lot of people were shocked by the behavior of the two young actresses. They were quite surprised to know that the two were actually the type of people who love to party.
The video that was uploaded by the channel Showbiz Star Meter on the popular video-sharing website YouTube really surprised a lot of people most especially the fans of Kyline and Bianca
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