This Is Surprising! A Crocodile Climbing A Waterfall? Watch the full video here

A crocodile has tried to go somewhere no crocodiles has gone before – upstream of a waterfall.

This video demonstrates a saltwater crocodile trying to move up a riverbank, which was on a precarious slope over the crocodile.

The crocodile battles to get the distance to the highest point of the bank and its tail whips around in the water attempting to get support.

Rather, the reptile crashes significantly into the water.

The crocodile sits in the water for a minute vanquished before swimming towards the curious onlookers shooting the video.

The post was uploaded with the caption:
‘Some friends, their kids and myself were boating along the Roper River in Northern Territory looking for run offs to have a fish.’
‘We noticed a crocodile waiting for a feed at the bottom of the waterfall.
‘As we got closer, it decided to try and climb up which is very rarely seen so I thought I’d start filming. ‘We were amazed at its strength. I was surprised when he started climbing rather than swimming away from us.’

In the video, numerous voices can be heard in wonderment of what they saw.

The crocodile’s tried to go up the embankment ends in a dramatic way- with the reptile smashing bank into the river.

Nature is very unpredictable isn’t it? But in the same way, it is fascinating as well.

What can you say about this awesome footage of a crocodile? We bet you haven’t seen something just like this! Write your comments below.

Source: Dailymail