This Boy Found An Insect Inside His Ear

For most of us, proper hygiene is very important. People value this so much that they purchase different products to maintain the cleanliness of their body. From head to toe, they are really obsess at making sure that there is nothing wrong with them.

But what if you just found out something unusual inside your ears even though you are sure you maintained your hygiene?

That’s the case of this 14-year-old boy named Grant Botti who woke up to an extreme pain of his ears. The pain so severe that he had to check himself what is happening. He and his mother were shocked to find a 4-inch long centipede making his ear its home. They ran to a hospital to examine the damage that the insect brought him.

Upon examination, doctors found abrasions inside his ear. There is no definite information about how the centipede got its way to his ear but mentioned that he went on swimming outdoors. His doctors speculated that he kust have gotten that insect there. He was given proper medical treatment.

This is not the first time that such unfortunate incident happen. A 48-year-old woman from Taiwan reported to have found a wrighling maggot inside her ear canal.

Although there is no exact information about how these insects could get into your ear, experts are reminding the importance of proper hygiene.

Source: Manilareaders