Woman Posts Photos Online of A Father Dragging His Daughter’s Hair in Walmart

The child was complaining of pain, but the man continued to drag her by the hair while shopping.

As children, many people have experienced different kinds of “disciplining” from parents. There are parents who choose to talk calmly with their children, while there are those who scold their children when they have done wrong. There are parents who “ground” their children, while there are those who get physical and give their children a lesson through pain.

However, the latter can has its limits. There is always a fine line between “disciplining” and “abuse,” and that fine line can be detrimental to a child’s mental and physical well-being. Sadly, many children are being abused in their homes—while it only takes one person to step in and save them.

Fathers shopping with their young daughters are a rare sight to see. Erika Burch was shopping for groceries at a Walmart in Cleveland, Texas, when she saw a father and daughter shopping for food. It was after a few moments that she saw the young child being dragged with her hair wrapped around the handle of her father’s shopping cart. She was yelling in pain and pleading with him to stop, Burch said.

‘She’s saying, ‘Please stop, you’re hurting me, please stop, I promise I won’t do it again, please stop, please let go,’” Burch said. A mother herself, Burch stepped in and asked the man to stop, to which the man replied to “mind her own business.”

Burch then reported the man to the Cleveland police. Unfortunately, they said they weren’t going to follow up on it. They pointed out that there wasn’t any evidence that the little girl had been hurt. The police noted that the girl didn’t have any bruises on her body—and they said that the dad has the right to discipline his daughter as long as he doesn’t hurt her.

However, Burch wanted others to know that even if the man was not jailed nor punished, it is never right to treat children this way—disciplining or not. This prompted Burch to take photos and share the shocking incident on social media, where it garnered thousands of reactions from many netizens.