This Man Pulled A Prank On His Mother But Then Realized It Is A Wrong Decision

Many people are patiently waiting for the only day when extreme pranks are “acceptable”, the April Fool’s Day. Pranksters or prank-lovers always prepare the greatest pranks of their lives and pull them on their friends, colleagues and even family members. What a great joy there will be once their victim fall on their baits.

With this yearly tradition, there are a lot of April Fool’s stories circulating around the internet. While some of them are successful at pranking or joking their victims, some are just not lucky enough. Worst case scenario, some are really regretting pulling pranks on the people they know.

Just like this man whose story has been the center of online attention, he too quickly regrets the prank he pulled on his mother. Their conversation has been receiving different comments as of this writing.

The son did not think twice of telling his mother that he got his girlfriend pregnant. He texted his mother narrating what happened while they were drunk. As expected, his mother got so angry that she told his son to grab his things and leave their house. The son then replied APRIL FOOLS as his way to reveal that everything was just a prank.

However, his revelation did not calm his mother but surprisingly insisted that he has to leave their house telling him none of them wants him anymore. The mother’s furiousness did not stop there as she said they did not expect him to grow stubborn when they found him when he was still a baby. The son who was puzzled, asked what she means by that. Read their conversation here:

It turns out, the mother pranked him back by telling him he is adopted. Boy, this man really tasted his own medicine.

What are your April Fool’s story? Do you now consider being cautious at pranking people after reading this man’s story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.