‘My sons are Filipinos because life in the Philippines is all they know’ American Mother Proud To Share How Her Sons Embraced “Filipino” Culture.

Because of the perfectly fine tropical breeze in the Philippines, many people around the world love visiting the country. People of different nations and race gladly travel thousands of miles just to reach the country that would give them the best experience they have not experienced in their home towns. From the vacation destinations to the trendiest tourist spots, the Philippines has definitely so much to offer.

But when people from other countries decide to stay in the Philippines because they want to live its culture and tradition, that is a different story to tell. Most foreigners would only visit the country during summer but for this California native and her family, Philippines is a home all year-round.

Amber Folkman, a mother of three beautiful sons proudly shared in her blog how her family loves everything about the Philippines. Although she was raised with pure American values, her sons embraced everything that would tell them they are Filipinos.

In her blog, Amber shared how thankful she is that her boys learned valuable life lessons in the country. She even shared that she is confident that these values would guide them for the rest of their loves.

Amber shared every little detail of her sons’ everyday life in the Philippines. From buying things they need from their “suking tindahan” up to making precious moments with children their age in their small village, Amber is happy to share that her kids really enjoy being in this country. She is even proud that she experience being squeezed in jeepneys just to get to their destination. Indeed, Amber and her family are really wonderful people who does not care about racial boundaries.

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With Amber’s experience, it can be said that a home does not need to be the place where you are born but it could be a place where you are truly comfortable being yourself and living your life.

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