Meet The World’s Hottest Baseball Pitcher! Try Not To Drool Over Her!

How would you describe a typical baseball pitcher? Most of you would probably say that most pitchers are thin and are looking stressed because of the pressure caused by the game. But then, will you believe it if I tell you that a woman who’s been tagged as the World’s Hottest Baseball Pitcher exists?

A woman named Choi Seol Hwa has been tagged as the world’s sexiest and hottest baseball pitcher after she threw the most jaw-dropping pitch ever.

Miss Muscle Mania Bikini 2016 winner isn’t just hailed as the hottest baseball pitcher but also the most flexible person that people have seen on a baseball field because of the way she threw the pitch at a ceremonial game.

The video of her that took the internet by a storm, showed the beauty queen, learning and practicing how to throw a pitch while trying to show off her body’s flexibility.

The baseball pitcher who’s from South Korea was wearing fitted shorts and baseball shorts that made her look even hotter.

For her to be able to pull off such perfect pitch, this baseball pitcher has decided to do some stretchings to prepare her body for the pitch.

The video of her where she threw her first pitch had already been posted on a humor and interest site 9GAG where she was tagged as the world’s hottest baseball pitcher.

A quick stroll on her Instagram will lead you to a realization that the reason behind her jaw-dropping figure is her continuous workout and her proper diet.

Aside from that, there were also a few photos on her Instagram account that showed her wearing a bikini, but of course, most of her photos and videos are mainly about her workout.

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