Future Heartthrob? Meet Alex Jazz, Son of Patrick Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado

Have you met Alex Jazz Mercado, Jennylyn Mercado, and Patrick Garcia’s son? In case you haven’t met him, then we have here a few things to reveal about him aside from the fact that he’d be the industry’s future heartthrob!

Alex Jazz is indeed one heartthrob in the making! Although things didn’t work out between his parents, Jennylyn and Patrick are still glad because they were blessed with a little boy who served as the fruit of their love.

Jennylyn’s son with her former partner proves that it wouldn’t take him that long t be a heartthrob just like his father. Ever wondered why? With just one smile from Alex Jazz, your day could brighten up.

It was back on August 16, 2008, when Jennylyn gave birth to her firstborn who served as the mini-me version of Patrick Garcia. Today, Alex Jazz is already nine years old yet he’s already melting people’s hearts because of his mesmerizing looks.

It’s no longer surprising that at his young age, he already knows how to pose in front of the camera, given the fact that his mom is a hot model and tv actress and his dad is one of the hottest actors in the industry.

Because of his good looks, people can’t help but ask if being a heartthrob runs in his blood!

But then, did you know that aside from being a good-looking little boy, he also has cool parents? Well, he often wears twinning outfits with his mom and their photos are being posted on social media, capturing people’s hearts once again.

This little boy is too cute to handle! I mean, given his looks and his cuteness, it would be pretty impossible for Jennylyn and Patrick to say no to this little guy!

Patrick and Jennylyn already parted ways but for Alex’s sake, they remained civil. In fact, they were even spotted on a single photograph wherein Jennylyn and her current partner Dennis Trillo was seen hanging out with Patrick’s family.