Jason Francisco shares the real reason he transferred from ABS-CBN to rival network GMA

  • After seven years of being a Kapamilya, PBB alumnus Jason Francisco finally decided to become a Kapuso.
  • The comedian said he harbors no hard feelings towards his former home network.
  • He also revealed the real reason behind his decision to move to GMA-7.

Pinoy Big Brother alumnus Jason Francisco recently transferred from his home network of ABS-CBN to its rival, GMA-7. The actor has been with the Kapamilya network ever since he got out of the PBB house back in 2010, along with his wife, Melai Cantiveros.

After seven years of being a Kapamilya actor, fans were surprised to find out that he is now a Kapuso. Although he did not state his reason for leaving, the actor-comedian said he harbors no hard feelings towards his former home network.

In November of last year, Jason thanked ABS-CBN for giving him his big break after his stint in the PBB house. When asked what Melai thinks about Jason’s decision to switch networks, he said his wife was very supportive of it.



Now, Jason has finally revealed the real reason why he left ABS-CBN for GMA. In an interview with PEP, the former Kapamilya did not hesitate to answer questions regarding his decision.

“Maganda rito sa Kapuso, may puso talaga rito,” the actor explained with a clever pun.

According to Jason, even before he became a PBB housemate, he had always been a fan of a number of shows from the Kapuso network.



The comedian said he is currently happy in his new network, saying he was able to adjust right away after his transfer. He admitted that he thought he would have a hard time adapting to his new network, but was thankful that he didn’t.

When asked how he came upon his decision to become a Kapuso, he said he told ABS-CBN that he wanted to try working with another network. He said he was hesitant at first to ask for his former home network’s permission to leave but was finally able to muster the courage.

Jason Francisco also clarified that he did not run out of any projects from the Kapamilya network. He said it was a conscious decision on his part to lay low for a while after being permitted by ABS-CBN to arrange his new contract with GMA.

“Kaya ‘yung iba akala nila bigla nalang akong nawala, wala na kong trabaho, pero hindi naman ako pinabayaan ng [ABS-CBN].”



The former PBB housemate also explained that it was normal for people to think that transferring networks has something to do with not having enough projects. Jason denied this, saying he just wants to improve his craft by working with other people and on other projects.

Jason is currently part of the cast of GMA 7’s “Alyas Robin Hood: Book Two”.

Watch the interview below.

Netizens had mixed reactions about Jason’s network switch. Some supported him while others accused him of having no “utang na loob.” Find out what they had to say below.


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