Treatment for Dog Ticks

Every pet owner loves their pets. Therefore, they will do anything to keep their pets in excellent care and good health. A lot of people have loyal dogs not just for pets, but as friends and companions as well. To keep your dog from suffering major health concerns and diseases, it is very essential to keep them clean and free from parasites like dog ticks.

Good health means good hygiene. While there are problems beyond your control, you can minimize problems if you know how to properly care for your dog. Ticks are dreadful insects classified as blood sucking parasites. They can practically thrive on anyone with blood. However, their favorite targets are dogs.
There are different treatment procedures to solve tick problems. One of the more popular modes of treatment is the use of natural herbs. All products made of natural ingredients fall under this category.
There are anti-tick dog powders, oils, and bath products that you can use on your pet once you suspect that it is suffering from dog ticks. Some products, like creams and soaps, need to be washed off thoroughly after application to your dog’s fur.
Of course, if there are natural products, there are also chemical-based formulas that can be used on your dog. They can be obtained from dog health stores or straight from the vet’s clinic. Some of the chemicals that are used to ward off ticks may have strong odor that can pass to your dog. As such, you have to give your dog a thorough bath after application.
Aside from these over-the-counter medications for dog ticks, the best solution will still come from your veterinarian. Self-medication of dog ticks is not advised as your dog may be suffering from some other disease that you’re not aware of. If your dog is sick, be sure to take it to the vet’s clinic for proper diagnosis. The vet should be able to prescribe the proper medication for your pet both to strengthen its immune system and to make sure that all ticks are eliminated from its fur.
The first line of treatment for dog tick is usually topical medications. There’s no need for antibiotics and immune system booster if the dog tick is not yet in its advanced stage. However, if in case that it is, the vet would prescribe certain oral medicines that you have to regularly administer to your pet. Dog tick diseases in their advanced stages can be very hard to treat and may lead to more serious diseases that can even cause death for your pet.
Be informed about using sprays, shampoos, tick collars, and similar home treatments for dog ticks.
While these can easily be bought at pet health care stores, you should never use them without the guidance of an expert or a trusted source. It is also important for your pet to be monitored while taking any type of medication so that its progress (or lack of) can be noted accordingly. As such, the medications used can be adjusted up until it provides a cure for your dog.