MUST WATCH! Newborn Baby Clings to Mother After Being Born!

  • The bond between a mother and her child is incredibly strong.
  • This newborn baby didn’t waste any time bonding with her mother!
  • Watch the viral video to see a heartwarming reminder of unconditional love!

A quote from the movie adaptation of “Silent Hill” states, “Mother is God in the eyes of a child.” This newborn baby proves just how strong the connection between a mother and her child really is.

It all starts when a woman becomes pregnant. The 9 months when the child grows inside the mother’s belly creates the develops a deep bond that lasts for the remainder of their days. When mothers give birth, doctors encourage skin-to-skin contact between the parents and the baby. This is why you often see a newborn baby being placed on the bare chest of his or her mother. This helps release oxytocin, a chemical hormone that promotes love.

Recently, footage of an infant blew the minds of those who watched it when they saw the baby clinging to her mother right after being born. Some parents would probably wait until after the baby’s been cleaned before holding the infant but this baby put her arm over her mom’s face and refused to let go.

The viral video was shared by Maternidade Cor de Rosa. It has gained almost 9.1 million views since it was first uploaded. Who wouldn’t want to see an infant who has just entered this world cling lovingly to her mother? It’s probably the sweetest picture you’ll ever see!

The child’s mother, Brenda Coelho, was as surprised as anyone else by what her newborn daughter did. It was only supposed to be a quick skin-too-skin contact after she had a C-section. Afterwards, the newborn baby would be cleaned and then taken to an incubator. However, the baby craved her mother’s touch and wouldn’t let go as soon as she felt her mother’s skin next to her own.

Many netizens expressed their sentiments in an outpouring of love and support on Facebook. Some of them explained that it was normal while others congratulated the newly minted mother. Read some of the comments below:

Doctors and nurses were brought to tears by the touching image. It was a true manifestation of the bond between a mother and her child. Unconditional love exists and what Brenda and her daughter showed us was a welcome reminder of that.

Watch the viral video below for a heartwarming reminder of unconditional love:

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