“Sana Ganito Man Lang Ang Mga Kurap” Senator Manny Pacquiao Giving Money to the Poor in this Viral Video


Former Boxing Champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao has time and again proven that he has a heart for the poor. He has always championed giving donations and help in any way he can to those in need as he himself was not born rich. It seems that he has maintained that mentality through out his illustrious career as even at the wake of his loss to Jeff Horn, he was seen giving money, point blank, to a line of people.
The Facebook page, Duterte Sa Masa shared this video without contextThough it is unsure how many people were actually in line, and how much money he gave away, netizens were quick to react to what the Boxing legend was doing. Most of the netizens praised what the boxer was doing, of course. Not many public figures make it a habit to give away money so literally. They definitely don’t have a camera crew following them while they do charitable acts either so it’s unnerving to see someone distribute a large amount of cash to a large group of people.

Many commended the senator on how he never forgot about his roots, even pointing out that someone who was born in poverty will always empathize with those in need. As he is in a position to do these kinds of things, it is not surprising that Pacquiao continues to give away a portion of his earnings to the needy.

Some netizens also connected the video to how they wish some local politicians would behave in the same way as Pacquiao. They intimated that not many politicians know how to share their wealth and are just getting rich off of the Filipino people.

As of writing, the video 3,200 reactions and more than 36,000 views.
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