Check out Angel Locsin’s Instagram video:

  • Angel Locsin allegedly released an Instagram video
  • The actress was playing with a filter and had her face zoomed in
  • Netizen were raving about her no make-up beauty

Angel Locsin is beautiful and there is no doubt about that. The actress wasn’t named FHM’s Sexiest twice for no reason. But now the netizens are going crazy over an Instagram video released by what seems to be an Angel Locsin fan page (this is because the verified Instagram account of Angel Locsin according to Instagram is . Many praised her for such beautiful skin and just a timeless video.

The video contains Angel Locsin messing with a filter. She seemed super happy and giggly all throughout the video. It was a real close up on her face and one netizen commented on how there seemed to be no visible pores on the actress’ face.

Check out Angel Locsin’s Instagram video:

The comments on this video were all praises for the former Darna. They admired her seemingly natural prettiness and her bubbly personality. Some even saying that she should post more of these types of videos because it’s entertaining. On a site called The Top Tens, many took to the comments section with their love for Angel Locsin.


Their compliments say that she is not only a pretty face but she also has a pretty heart. We can see that from her visits to the Marawi people and to her biggest fan that unfortunately died last month. Angel is an actress that deserves every blessing she has because of her pure and compassionate heart.

via Channel: Avid Fan

It is no surprise that all she is getting is love from her fans and the people around her. Her fans like Angel not only for the beauty she possesses outside but more importantly, it’s the beauty inside that makes people love her. Keep being yourself, Angel. Truly you are an angel sent from above.

What do you think of Angel’s Instragram video? Do you agree with the comments about her beauty and her kind heart? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!