Westminster Abbey: An overwhelming Gothic Style cathedral

Westminster Abbey is a popular destination in London that is originally known as the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster. It is a huge Gothic church situated in Westminster, which is in London, England. Located at a short distance towards the west of the Palace of Westminster, this church welcomes millions of visitors every year. Well, the church is the traditional place of coronation and is also a burial site for the English and then that is today is of British and then is of monarchs of the Commonwealth Realms.

The church today has gained immense popularity that shares its beauty from the year 1546 to 1556 as a cathedral and is also a Royal Peculiar.

The church is governed by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster and was established by Queen Elizabeth I, Royal Charter in the year 1560. The church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site from which London feels proud to boast a magnificent beauty of ancient world. The church is 700-years old and is still preserved very well. Its towering building seems like touching the sky and sharing its long journey to the heavenly god.

Stand outside the Westminster Abbey, and you could feel its gigantic height that was constructed 700-years ago.

It is strange to think how those aboriginal people have built this massive building without any technologies, which is now recognized as an attraction. Westminster Abbey is a must see attraction of the British history that cannot be missed at any cost. Whenever you visit London, do visit this site and get fascinated entirely. The architectural work of the structure and the interior is simply breathtaking. The moment you enter inside the building, you can sense a new world of ancient renaissance that speaks millions of words at a time.
The site is visited by some one million Visitors every year, who want to explore this magnificent and old building that is renowned as the coronation church of England. The church remains open from Monday to Friday within 9.30am to 15.30 pm. On Saturday, the church remains open from 9.30am to 13.30pm. Remember, whenever you visit the cathedral, do not visit during Sunday’s, as the church remains closed on Sunday and also during Christmas Day and Good Friday. On the site, you will get café, restaurant, and picnic site from where you can have something and make your day enjoyable.
One of the best ways to explore the ancient culture of this area and the church is by taking a guided tour. You can enjoy an individual tour or the group’s tour and experience the things that were happened earlier. In fact, you have other choices like the audio commentary in the foreign languages, conference facilities, and few other things to rock at the site. The most fascinating thing at the site is the bells at the Abbey that were fixed again in the year 1971. The ring today is made up of 10 bells that hung for change ringing and was cast in the year 1971. The Whitechapel Bell Foundry hanged the bells at the Abbey. No doubt, every bell has different weights and is very heavy.
Besides this, there are total two more service bells could be found at the church that were cast by Robert Mot in the year 1585 and 1598 respectively. Some of bells that are kept in the refectory are noted as of historical importance like the 2 service bells as well as the 1320 bell. The Church Buildings Council of the Church of England considered the bells remarkable. While exploring the site, you will be completely enthralled by its charming beauty and captivating interiors that indicated the Gothic architectural styles. Today, making such ancient attractions is very hard, even if the world is highly developed technologically. So preserving such antiquities and the landmarks that make everyone surprised is very important.
You can also explore the Westminster Abbey Museum that lies in the 11th century vaulted undercroft below the former monks’ dormitory in the Westminster Abbey. This museum is among the oldest areas of the Abbey that dates back nearly to the foundation of the Norman Church created by Edward the Confessor in the year 1065. This space today is used as a museum that incorporated under the list as museum since the year 1908. You can enjoy the exhibits that comprised of unique compilation of the royal and other funeral effigies with various other treasures.
Treasures in the museum is comprised of few of the panels of medieval glass, Mary II’s coronation chair and the replicas of the coronation regalia, 12th century sculpture fragments, effigies of Edwards III, Elizabeth I, William III, Henry VII and his queen, Charles II, Mary II, and Queen Anne. So there is plenty of things to explore and experience at the Westminster Abbey, which you cannot escape. Visit this amazing attraction of London and make your holiday an unforgettable moment of your life.