Tower of London: An attraction, which is also considered as haunted

An historic fortress is Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and is recognized worldwide as the Tower of London. The Tower of London is a scheduled monument located in the central London, which is in England. The monument is situated on the northern bank of River Thames. About its exact location, the Tower of London lies within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is divided by the open space, which is known as the Tower Hill from the eastern border of the City of London. The British government used the Tower of London, making it the oldest building.

The Tower of London is frequently identified with the White Tower, which is the original bleak square fortress and was built by William the Conqueror in the year 1078. The tower is a complex of many buildings that are set inside the two concentric rings of suspicious walls and moat. The major function of the tower was of a fortress, a royal palace, and a prison. The tower has also used as a place of execution and torture, armoury, zoo, Royal Mint, public records office, and observatory. Right from the year 1303, the tower has become a home for the United Kingdom’s Crown Jewels.

Today, the Tower of London is a major tourist attraction and is managed by an independent charity named Historic Royal Palaces that do not receive any funding from the government or from the crown. Those who love to explore haunted sites can visit the tower, as it is reputedly the most haunted building in the entire England. Tourists can enjoy this attraction to the fullest as a royal fortress and also as the haunted building. It is said that Queen Anne Boleyn’s ghost was beheaded in the year 1536 for the sedition against King Henry VIII. The chapel of St Peter-ad-Vincula is the site where she was buried and then the place has been known as the haunted site.

It is said that the ghost walks around the White Tower by carrying her head under her arm. The Tower of London is the home of some more ghosts’ as well. They are Henry VI, Margaret Pole, Lady Jane Grey, and the Princes in the Tower. The major tragedy happened when a sentry on guard witnessed an inexplicable ghost of a bear coming towards him outside the Jewel House in January 1816. Well, due to the major event took place in the Tower of London; it has become a place of death, treachery, and darkness.

The Tower of London also has a major attraction worth seeing. It is the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels could be found even today that was kept inside since the year 1303. It was first stolen from the Westminster Abbey and from then the Crown has been kept at the tower. The crown after the coronation of Charles II were locked away and are only shown for a viewing by charging certain amount of fee paid to a guardian. As the crown is very prestigious, it was secretly kept in the Sun Life Insurance company’s basement vaults for its safety. It is kept in Montreal, the city in Canada with the gold bars of the Bank of England.

With deep background history, the Tower of London is one of the major attractions for tourists in London. People die to visit and see this amazing, huge complex. With its ancient scenario, the Tower of London has many things to offer you. So just pack your bags and rush to explore the complex with a guided tour.