Live a different life at the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca


To the tourists or visitors to the Lake Titicaca, a boast trip towards the amazing, breathtaking, fascinating, spectacular floating islands, which is an exceptional tourist destination, becomes a must. The islands are not only made up by the man, but are the main concept provided by the nature as natural destination in South America. The islands were made and were re-made from the totora reeds that offer home, nourishment, as well as transportation for their residents.

Just take a two-hour boat ride from the beautiful Puno that lies on the Peruvian side of the lake, and you will be experiencing the largest cluster of 40 islands. Out of all the superb and beautiful islands, the major destination is the island of Santa Maria. For this, you should carry a map that shows the location of Uros islands and the Taquile Island located off the Puno, which is in Peru. With a mass of floating aquatic plants, mud, and also peat that thickens the island from some inches to several feet, the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca becomes a must see attraction, comparable to the heaven.
The floating islands are actually a common natural phenomenon that could be found in various parts on the earth. Well, no doubt, they exist less commonly as a man-made phenomenon. So this destination in Peru draws many people from over the world to see and experience the natural settings as well as the man-made beauty. Here, the Uros are the pre-Incan people who live on 42 self-fashioned floating island that is located in the Lake Titicaca Puno, Bolivia, and Peru. Through this, one thing has been cleared to you that the islands are home of the Uros tribe – is the one that pre-dates the Incan civilization.
As per the legends, the Uros existed before the sun came into power, and when the earth was living in dark and cold. They were resistant to drowning or being struck by the lightening. Well, they lost their identity as the super beings due to their disobedience of the universal order and merged with the humans. This made everything vulnerable to contempt. Later, they lost their identity, language as well as customs and scattered. By becoming the Uro-Aymaras, that now speak Aymara, the place carries immense worth. You might have visited many natural destinations, but this is no doubt the first in such category. So do not miss any opportunity to visit and explore the Floating Islands.
In the lake, the totora is actually a cattail type rush growing native. The dense roots of the totora support the top layer that decomposes and must be replaced everyday by piling additional reeds on the top of the layer underneath. As the islands are of man-made, the size goes on changing and increases in number if the need occurs. The largest island in its line is presently the Tribuna. Well, the surface of the islands is not in level and is also thin. While walking on the island, you will feel like walking on the waterbed. The innocent person might will not understand or notice a thin spot and could sink a leg or two into the cold waters of the lake.
Well, you can do such things like sinking the legs into the water and enjoy the cold feel, but you should be alert as well as maintain the limits. The islands are the Titicaca National reserve’s part that was formed in the year 1978 just to maintain 37 thousand hectares of marsh reeds in the south as well as north sectors of the fabulous Lake Titicaca. So enjoy the reserve that is divided into two different sections that is the Ramis located in the regions of Huancane and Ramis; and the Puno that lies in the region boasting the same name. You will be lucky to experience a vast number of more than 60 species of native birds in the region.
Besides this, the region is home to four families of fish as well as 18 native amphibians’ species. So make your vacation unique and unforgettable by exploring the three islands in the lake named Huaca Huacani, Santa Maria, and the Toranipata. At the islands, there are total 2,000 Uros are living by making their livelihood through fishing, weaving and now the boosting tourism. So get ready to live a different life at the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca.