Shopping List of Traditional Irish Goods

When you travel you can help but to get some of those things that breaks a piece of Ireland’s authenticity, and that is why one would seek to find the best traditional Irish goods that is in a form of a list, and you will find it here.

Home hand-knitted sweaters
There’s a personal touch done with care found in this hand-knitted sweater of Ireland. You see the art itself on it and the effort. It would be great to grab one and give it to your loved ones to keep them warm but also buy a couple of it for yourself because you might just regret it if you bought some for others and not to yourself.
Irish Oatmeal
This is another authentic food that is found in Ireland. It is the Irish Oatmeal. It has it’s own unique taste and quality compared to other Oatmeal in the world and it can only be found in Ireland itself. This is also a good authentic Irish good that you would want to give to health buffs whether friends or relatives.
Dark Chocolate Jameson Whiskey Truffles
This is a good kind of dark chocolates that caters to both sweet tooth and not so much of a sweet tooth because of its sweet bitter taste found in rich dark chocolate. People can’t seem to get enough of this brand even the ones who aren’t chocolate enthusiasts. We already know how it is that statistically speaking, people all over the world who goes on tours always have something sweet to take home. So if you’re in Ireland, this is what is advised.
Jameson 12-year old Distillery Reserve
You can even have your name printed on the label if you buy the Jameson at the distillery itself. This bottle of whiskey had been featured on whiskey magazine as one of the good brands there is on whiskey. Jim Murray being one of the reviewers gave it a rating of 9 over 10 and Michael Jackson gave it a 7.5 so all in all it’s not bad. So grab a bottle now.
The Original Irish Crisp
Ireland is known for their potato so you can just imagine why in Ireland the original Irish Crisp is the nation’s favorite. This is so popular that you can avail of it almost in every food store in terminals and vending machines. There’s flavor like cheese and onions and people prefer Tayto.
Guinness Storehouse Goodies
Of course you come to Ireland to also grab a taste of their finest beer that is in Giunness but asides from bringing home a stack of their beer, it would be cool to get some souvenirs and Guinness memorabilia of your own, like hats, glasses, t-shirts and so on. They have their merchandise being sold to other stores as well and it is great for souvenirs or something you can take home to friends and loved ones whether or not they are beer lovers.
Waterford Crystal
In Grafton Street in Dublin, if you want to buy someone really special to you, you will find here a store that is selling crystals at a very reasonable price. Buying crystals would be great to buy here and don’t just trust buying crystals in places alongside the streets but instead go around the corner to a store named “The House of Ireland”. In this place the crystals are in good quality and is selling at a cheaper price where you can find the Waterford Crystal. Even though this type of crystal can be bought in the U.S. it is always nice to get this item from the source itself.
Irish Heritage and Tales Children’s Books
Irish had always been known for it’s rich heritage so to bring a hint of that culture as good exposure for your children. Buy your kids something educational and authentically Irish in a form of Children’s Books
Traditional Irish Soda Bread
People all over the world are trying to grab hold of Ireland’s finest bread recipe found in “Irish Soda Bread”. The recipe is online for everyone to try and bake the bread, but of course, nothing can beat the original that cam from Ireland itself. So take a bunch of those breads and bring it home, it is one of the good and best finds.
The Best Places to Buy Souvenirs
Found on Nassau St. is Kilkenny Design, it is the typical stop and mostly only the only stop for visitors but Kilikenny is not the only place where you can select on items. Further up the street you’ll find this store names Blarney Woolen Mills and the name itself announces its specialty, and another store again found on Suffolk St, a store named Avoca also sells woolen blankets land clothing, and there are more Irish yet expensive handicrafts. Not far from Avoca you can find another store named “Powerscourt Townhouse” this place is filled with different craft business that includes pottery and jewelry. Down in Temple Bar Square on East Essex St. there is a store that’s pricier named “Design Yard”. It is more on jewelries of Ireland and some of it is sourced from elsewhere in Europe and on the second floor of this store you’ll find ceramics, whimsical clock, textiles as among other possibilities.
There are other stores of the likes that you can find in Dublin City and it is in Carroll’s a souvenir chain of some sort. There is the self proclaimed “Irish Gift Store”. In variety they have low to mid grade quality items. Westmoreland Street is one of the best places to find your souvenir shopping in just beside the O’Connell Bridge. You can buy little souvenir items to bring hope to group of people like office mates and you’re pockets won’t suffer that bad.
So there are a lot of souvenir items in Ireland where you can choose from cheap ones to expensive ones, depending on who you’re going to give it to. There are potteries, wooden handicrafts, jewelries, postcards, crosses, chocolates, biscuits, magnets, stuffed animals, Irish crests, key chains and the list goes on.