Phoenix Park and Guinness Storehouse in Dublins


1. Phoenix Park- Dublin is a highly progressive and highly urbanized city and it can be very tiring. Just ask my friend who literally had to crawl back to the hotel after coming from a bar in Temple. Ok maybe he was crawling for a very different reason altogether. But still this does not take away from the fact that Dublin can be a very tiring city. There are some places of relaxation however and places where one can enjoy simply being in a great country such as Ireland. Parks for example is a good place to observe people and see how they behave in their country. Sometimes it is best to see people at play because you see the joy that they have of being in their land. In Dublin or in Ireland for that matter, there is no place better than Phoenix Park.

Phoenix Park is simply amazing. Just from the size of it all, one can be blown away. It is twice a big as New York’s Central Park and about five times the size of London Hyde Park. It is that humongous I tell you. Moreover, this park was not just created for recreation purposes of the regular people these days. It has a lot of history and one can say that if you are running around in the park that you are touching royal ground. The Duke of Ormond landscaped this land for King Charles II. King Charles was an avid hunter and wanted a place where he can hunt deer at his leisure and pleasure. And so the Duke set forth to create a hunting ground fit for a King. He landscaped the area and then went on to stuff it with deer for the King he holds dear. As an added measure, he surrounded the park with a stone wall so that the deer could not escape. For the King’s birthday, the Duke gifted the King with a barrel full of fish.
In 1745 the Park was made public and to this day there are still some deer there that roam the fields.

It is important to remember however that just like any other park, the best and safest time to go there is during the day. It could be a bit dangerous to visit Phoenix Park at night. Rumor has it, that when the night is deep and the moon is full, the deer takes its revenge on young lovers by trampling them to bits.

The Park has other attractions besides the deer and the size of it. There is the Dublin zoo where a lot of animals that can be found in Ireland can be found. The zoo is especially popular amongst youngsters who like all sorts of animals. There is also the Papal Cross, the Aras an Uachtarain (the house of the President) and the Magazine Fort amongst others. If you do get hungry however, there are restaurants just outside of the park and there are is also a place to eat inside the Zoo. This is Dublin. Surely there is a pub nearby!

2. Guinness Storehouse- There is no better way of ending your visit to Dublin than by visiting the Guinness Storehouse. The Irish people are known to know how to have a good time and during those times, they party with Guinness beer. The brewery itself is older than the beer. It already was a brewery when Arthur Guinness took over it in 1979. No, he did not buy the place. He merely leased it for 9,000 years. Such are the deals that you come up with when all the parties are drunk I guess. We should be thankful that any deal was even made!

You can even read the original lease which is displayed in the room. Likewise, you can learn about the extensive Guinness railway system and the history of the brewery through past posters and other souvenir items. The only problem here is that the entrance fee is pretty steep. You get a free pint of the Black Stuff from the traditional Brewery Bar. You can also the same thing in the Gravity Bar which is about six floors up with a wonderful scenery of Dublin. You may actually need to, however because the Black Stuff itself will make your mind float.

Ultimately it’s just like a field trip that you have had when you were younger except this is something that children are not really allowed to bring souvenirs from.