Ireland Festival Galore

As Irish people know how to celebrate and cherishes the sheer joy found in each occasion of celebration. Ireland is welcoming you to join all the fun as you discover a variety of events that will diversify the way you think of festivities. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is the most happening place in the Island where each day is like a festival and night time as an array of gala. From seasonal to cultural to religious, Ireland has so many festivals to offer in whatever time of the year. Christmas, Festival of Art Culture, Dublin Theater Festivals, St. Patrick’s Festival, Killkenny Arts Festival, Galway Arts Festival or Dublin Theater Festival; you will always find something new that you’ll never get tired joining in all the fun here.

Below are the list of the upcoming events in Ireland:
In Dublin back in 1742 Handel’s Messiah was premiered that made the connections with the city and the composer.
This is the Dublin Handel Festival. Finding cultural riches of the 18thcentury both contemporary and modern context.
There’s the National Sinfonia and Our Lady’s Choral Society that is conducted by Prionnsias o Duinn, will be the ones to open the Handel Festival this year at 1PM on the 13th of April with the remarkable performance of “Messiah on the Street”, the will hint a little sense of originality where the Messiah have had its world premiere in 1742. The audience are welcome to sing along with the choir’s rendition of songs.
This is a free festival open to the public, a cultural programme brought that is brought to you by Temple Bar Cultural Trust that is the Supporting Culture in Temple Bar.
This event is at the Project Arts Centre that is presented by the Dublin Dance Festival and The Ark that feature creative and innovative works.
Here are the list of Organizations that will join in the festivity:
Projects and Projections
It is a workshop for teacher that will be promoting the use of DVD/CD ROM resources that is intended to stimulate for dances in primary schools. Participants are welcome to participate at Dustbuster / Dreamsktech /Bread-Peace at 2 P.M.
Junk Ensembles Workshop
This workshop will encourage creative motion and movement that will entail energetic and upbeat dance and music that also has rhythmic games and physical tasks. They are a winner in the Dublin Fringe Festival Awards 2007 for Excellence and Innovation and Jane Snow Award.
Überraschung (Surprise)
Surprises that is described as the best experience of a day and most are beautiful experiences that happen out of the blue. DSCHUNGEL WIEN, that is accompanied by live great music that make surprising sounds that you can’t actually define until you’re there yourself. This has been supported by the Austrian Embassy Dublin.
Bread-Peace / Dustbuster / Dreamsketch
This is an organization represented by David Middendorp and Frontaal Productie, of an exciting dance piece created by the well renowned choreographer. It is a daydreamt that melt together into dancing and video animation, where you’ll see two dancers being challenged on stage by a character that is of a computer animation. The result is artistic in its form as it involves structure in silhouettes that the human body and the computer together create a surrealist world.
This is in celebration of international contemporary dance that the festival solely The DUBLIN DANCE festival of contemporary dance in Ireland.
Dublin will put on show the finest contemporary dance that sets a world class skill with only the best that the world can offer. Seeing an intense, exciting and diverse work and special events designed to fuel one’s greatest imaginations.
This event is a week long event of Irish music compilation brought about by concerts, workshops and even competitions.
If you want to experience the ultimate Irish Music sound, this is the place to go where you’ll see and hear the traditional Irish music itself. The evening concert will take place at The Mille Theatre that will feature the following Martin Donohue and Friends, Sean O’Shea, Slide, Andy Irvin, and Traditional singing with Bruce Scott.
Who does not want free food? This event is seen as Ireland’s greatest Food and Drink Festival that will take place in Dublin and will be hosting over 20 of Dublin’s top restaurants in Iveagh Gardens.
This is a 4 day event where in the event will be catering to over 32,000 food lovers out there as this is a big event.
Location: Various
A three day event that starts from July 11 to July 13. This festival is in full devotion for the Racecourse with the roaring music of famous bands like Rage Against the Machine, Amy Winehouse, The Prodigy, R.E.M, The Pogues that makes this even all the more a must see event.
This event also caters to showing great world and Irish folk music. It is one of the biggest and best traditional music events in Ireland.
For the horse racing enthusiasts who just is addicted to speed, this is a must see event. The Autumn Festival of Racing is a horse racing event that includes the Irish Field St. Leger that is counted as Ireland’s five classic races and that is the last Classic Day of the Season. So anyone who enjoys horse races will miss half of their lives if they did not see this event.
So as you can see if there is such a thing as a Mecca of festivals that we should give up our hands to Dublin itself. This is a vibrant city that just is filled with festivals that will get you sometimes confused with the names, locations and so on.