Dublins Must See Sites

Just the name of Ireland conjures up a lot of images of places that one would want to visit. People from all over the world see Ireland as an exciting place that is full of history and tradition and that anyone who goes there would be privileged because of the things one could see. But Ireland is a very big place and one could get lost finding the things they want to see. You could leave Ireland missing a lot of things. This guide would help you find the best places in Ireland but first, let’s limit the place. Let’s start with Dublin.

Dublin itself is a vey rich place filled with many historical landmarks and popular destinations. In itself, you can spend a wonderful vacation just going around here.
1) Trinity College Dublin – It may seem weird to you that the number one on the list is basically a school. However, in almost any other school this may sound preposterous but keep in mind that you are talking about THE Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s first and foremost university and was founded no less than Queen Elizabeth I. Dating back to the founded in 1592, it is known for the red brick Rubrics that the walls of this prestigious university is known for.
It has a lot of other features that people flock here to see. The university is the home of one of the world’s most famous books, “The Book of Kells”. While indeed “The Book of Kells” is the crowning glory of the university’s enormous collection, there are a lot of other antiquated books here numbering to about 200,000.
The magnificent campanille is one of the most famous sights in all of Ireland and a lot of people gather here sometimes just to have their own little photograph of it.
2) O’Connell Street – What? A street? Yes, but this is O’Connell street, the most dominating and widest urban street in all of Europe. Dublin has a lot of places to go to and anywhere you go you would probably pass by Dublin anyway because this is essentially the heart of Dublin and everything passes through here.
But do not worry. Being wide and big is not the only trait of O’Connell. There are places to see here such as “The Stiletto in the Ghetto” or more officially known as “The Spire”. The Spire is the world’s tallest structure and is truly a sight to behold. It is definitely a marvel of human achievement.
Then there’s the statue of James Joyce. Locals call it “The Prick with the Stick” and it is anybody’s guess if it is said in praise or in insult or both.
Then there’s the O’Connell Monument. Underlining just how rich the history of Dublin is as it still has some of the bullet holes from the famous   Easter Rising. Still there are others such as the Parnell Monument which shows the leader of the Irish Parliament and also the statue of James Larkin.
O’Connell may be a street but it is not just a street. It is dominating not only in size but also because of historical significance.
3) St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Everybody knows that The Rock, St. Patrick, is associated with Ireland. St. Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint. The “National Cathedral” of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of three cathedrals in Ireland. Talk about history, it is reputed to be the place where St. Patrick himself baptized several converts.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral is famous for its tombs as well as it is the special resting place of several famous people. There is the Boyle Family Tomb is located here as well as its dean Jonathan Swift.
Christianity is, of course, what makes the place or the locality most famous. It has very strong roots of Christianity especially since the First Pope himself, St. Patrick is associated with the place. It is said that the Christian tradition dates back to 450 A.D. and I guess that’s as far as one can go without Jesus himself!
Supposedly there are some remnants of the oldest church here since St. Patrick himself is associated with it. However, the place is more known for the cathedral now because of the many famous people that is tied up to it.
Some people are apprehensive about going to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Some say that they do not want to go to this place because the surrounding area is not exactly picturesque. Moreover, they say that the entrance fee is appalling not only for the price but also because of the fact that you have to pay to enter it.
Still, if you’re going to Dublin, it would be a sin not to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral.