Best Irish Whiskeys


What is made up of an Irish Whiskey aside from the fact that it came from Ireland? Some say that is the delicacy, softness and the fruitiness that best express Irish whiskeys.

What also makes Irish Whisky unique is the traditional triple distillation making the Irish whisky not of a quality that is the bottom of a barrel. There are several common types of whiskeys in Ireland which are Single Malt, Single Grain and Blended Whiskey.
An Irish Whisky is made up of malted barley or a combination of unmalted and malted barley and other cereal grains such as rye, wheat and oats. The difference between scotch and whiskey is that with scotch the malt is dried having a solid floor, not allowing the smoke from whatever source of fuel to come in contact with the grain. So in whisky, this eliminates the certain “smoky” taste allowing whiskey compare to scotch a lot more smoother. Whisky is a most likely drink for those who drink scotch and bourbon, however its popularity in the united states is quite limited.
Originally whisky had been recorded back in Ireland in 1405 at a time when it was being distilled by monks.

Whiskey’s Chemistry

Whiskey and other distilled beverages such as rum and cognac are different types of beverages that has a huge range of flavouring compounds that have 200 to 300 can be defined or detected in chemical analysis. The chemical compound in flavouring such as carboxylic acids, carbonyl compounds, alcohols, and their esters, sulphur and nitrogen containing compounds and phenolic compounds, oxygen and terpenes-containing heterocycle compounds and a couple of fatty acids. The nitrogen compounds seen in this matter are picolines, pyridines and pyrazines.

The Health Effects of Whisky

Since whisky is commonly related to that of wine, whisky shares the same health benefits of that to wine. Many researches have concluded that the main beneficial substance is the alcohol itself although in totality it has not been proven yet of which compounds specifically is beneficial for the health. However, too much of alcoholic beverages can deem be harmful for the body especially on essential organs like the liver and a change of developing neck and head cancers.

Method of Irish Whisky Processing

Most often than not Irish whiskeys follow a process of being distilled 3 times according to a traditional way of distilling that uses a method which is column stills for the grain whiskey that is used in making Irish blends. In Irish ways of making whiskey, it is by law that whiskey should be aged in wooden casks for some time that is not less than 3 years. Usually in practice, it would be, it would be around three to four times within a period. Malt that is unpeated is always used and the only main exception is being Connemara Peated Malt whiskey.
In this article I have listed down six of the top renowned whiskies of Ireland. These are the the type of whiskeys that you can actually buy to bring home to friends and relatives. It is with Irish pride that you succumb to the taste of smooth Irish whisky.