11 things to do in Ireland


1.     Experience the City life at the capital City of Ireland, Dublin City.
You will not experience any boredom at all when you’re at Dublin City.  It is full of classic and elegant restaurants, pubs and clubs, and many other shopping markets.
2.     Experience the awe-inspiring traditions of Irish
People in Ireland got the arts and skills to display their talent in literary and art traditions.   The Writer’s museum is available for important information about the literary arts and the Wall of Fame in the Temple Bar is also available for music info.
3.     Experience the Spiritual Past of Ireland
Ireland has a lot of ancient monasteries.  The chief spiritual places are the Clonmacnoise in Co. Offaly and the Glendalough in Co. Wicklow.  Also, ancient monuments that are carved from stones are still available.
4.     Experience Titanic associated landmarks at Belfast
The very popular Titanic ship was built at Belfast, Ireland.  You may roam around the city of Belfast to go through its Titanic integrated sites from walking trips to boat trips.
5.     Experience the Giant Steps at Giant Causeway
Many believed that if you want to have a feeling of majesty and mystery, the Giant’s Causeway is the right for you.
6.     Experience the Saint Patrick’s Centre
It is where the Spiritual Centre of the Island, which is the “Armagh”, can be seen.  It is also the place where St. Patrick first began his mission to Ireland.
7.     Experience the Carrick- a-Rede Rope Bridge
It features the coastal scenery and the teetering edges of the rope bridge.  It is also connected to the Rocky Island where visitors are often directed to experiencing the tottering edges of the rope bridge.
8.     Experience the scenic drive the Ring of Kerry
To divert your experience of bumpy roads and long boring flights, you may enjoy the Ring of Kerry where beautiful and amazing sceneries can be witnessed.  It is a circular route that’s full of twists and turns with particular awe inspiring sites in between.
9.    Experience the South Tipperary’s Rock on at the “Rock of Cashel”
It has been the capital of Southern province several ways back then.  The Rock can be seen at the rearmost top of the plain.
10.    Experience the cultural heart of Ireland – Galway
Galway has been a historical place in Ireland.  It features the colourful pedestrian streets, best restaurants, and most especially the Galway Bay and its Galway art festival as well.
11.    Experience the Island Life at Aran Islands, West Coast
Aran Islands offer a blast experience of the island’s views.  It includes the DÚn Aonghuse fort on Arainn which is one of the top prehistoric sites in Europe.