Dublins Must See Sights

Temple Bar District- Here’s a secret: I’ve never vomited after a night spent drinking with my pals. Except for this one time somewhere in the Temple Bar District in Dublin, Ireland when I was absolutely wasted. The Temple Bar District can do that to you and while you may have enjoyed the night, most of the time you probably won’t remember half of what happened that night.

The Temple Bar District is absolutely the most fun places to be in at any given night. It is in fact where all the action is. If you arrive in the airport and said to the cab driver, “Take me to where the action is,” and he will drive you all the way to this district with no questions at all. Trust me. My friend did this once as a test and he was in fact in the Temple Bar District in no time.

The thing about the Temple Bar District is that it is full of people with many things to do. If food is what you want, the best chefs in the best restaurants in all of Dublin are right here. If you are up for some dancing, the best club DJs in the world are in every bar lined up in the streets. If you just want to listen to some god music while chilling out with your mates or your partner, there are some great places to be found where talented musicians both established and budding ones play every single night.

Even if you are not up for some rowdiness, the Temple Bar District may still be the place for you. They have art galleries that could rival any other in the planet and the best thing is that they are more accessible.

The Temple Bar District is in itself has a lot of history although the past is not quite a glorious one or something to be proud of. Located between the Bank of Ireland, Dame Street, Parliament Street and the Liffey, this exciting central used to be a brothel and a slum area. Not that similar things can no longer be found in it. The place still has its dangerous aspects as the crowd of people filled with moneyed tourists and locals is basically a target for pickpockets and other crazies.

The Temple Bar District has made a great turnaround from what it once was: a seedy part of Dublin and definitely a place where nobody wants to be seen. It used to be that if you were here then you were either up to no good or that you are soon to be a victim. Either way, nobody wants to be here. These days, it’s the perennial place especially for the youth who seek out exciting and fun activities to do with their mates. If you’re not here on a Friday or Saturday night then you’re nowhere.

2) National Gallery of Ireland

Okay I guess this isn’t really something unique. I mean telling a tourist to visit the local museum is hardly an advise but then again I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t suggest it right? Museums are a great reflection of a country or a city and the National Gallery of Ireland does just that.

Located at the Merrion Square, this museum does not have a very large collection of artwork but what it does have are masterpieces. As we all know, the number of paintings does not make the collection great. It is what is in it that makes the collection great and in the National Gallery of Ireland, there are a lot of things that would definitely awe you.

Picasso, Caravaggio, Vermeer, Rembrandt and Moya are just a few of the artists that have some of their artwork placed here. Some museums would be lucky to have one or two of these artists but the National Gallery boasts of having them despite the fact that their collection is relatively small as compared to other museums.

Of course small does not really mean small. The museum houses 11,000 art pieces from the worlds foremost artists. The National Gallery is just about 150 years old and it has continued to add into the collection from year in to year out. In fact, the Gallery has been extended since it opened to the public in 1864. For the ordinary tourist who wants to see impressive collections without much of a hassle, the National Gallery is just the perfect place.