Top 10 Food Myth


A look at the popular food myths which we all believe and never question

Bread and potatoes are fattening

At just 88 calories for medium potato and 70 calories for a slice of bread, both are low in calories. What you put on them, however, can up the calorie count. If youre watching your weight, make your sandwitches with a low-fat filling and eat your potatoes boiled or steamed rather than roast or fried.


Cooking vegetables destroys their nutrients

This is half true and half untrue. Some vitamins, notably water soluble ones like vitamin C, are losst when vegetables are cooked. Others, such as Betacarotene, an antioxidant found in carrots, pumpkins and turnips, are actually more readily available to our bodies when food is cooked. So vary your preparation methods and eat some vegetables cooked and others raw.
Carbs are more fattening than proteins
With the popularity of high protein diets like the atkins diet, its the myth which has been highly propagated. In fact, both carbs starchy foods like bread, pasta and rice and proteins contains just four calories per gram. However, because meat, one of the most concentrated forms of protein, is laced with fat(nine calories per gram), a portion of even the leanest meat packs in more calories than a similar size portion of pain bread, rice or pasta.

Fatty foods raise your cholestrol

Some fatty foods like red meat, cheese and dairy foods increase the amount of low density lipoproteins (LDL), often reffered to as bad cholestrol, in your blood stream. But, not all fats are equal. Ftts in olive oil and avocados, vegetables and their oils, actually reduce cholestrol.
Chinese food make you hungry an hour later
The reason that plate of noodles or bowl of rice fills you up at first but leaves you feeling hungry an hour later is because its light on protein. Protein creates what nutritionists call the satiety factor, a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. To feel satisfied after a chinese meal, make sure you order a well-balanced meal.

Choosing the vegetarian option is healthier

Some vegetarian dishes found on restaurant menus can actually be unhealthier than meat-based ones. For example, veggie dishes can be high in saturated fat and calories if they are made with pastry, a high fat cheese such as cheddar or have a rich, creamy sauce.

Don’t eat eggs, theyre high in cholesterol

A large egg contains around 200 mg of cholestrol. However, dietary chlestrol is less important than saturated fat for regulating blood cholestrol and eggs are very low in saturated fat. Our bodies need some cholestrol to insulate nerves, help maintain cell structure, build strng bones and aid the production of essential hormones. So, include eggs in your diet but not too many.

You need eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy

Our bodies are 75 percent water and experts advise that on average we should consume 1.2 litres a day to maintain good health. Not all this water has to be drunk, however. Fruit, vegetables, milk and juices all contain water which will go some way to meetin your daily needs which means you dont need to drink eight glasses of water as well.

Spinach is rich in iron

Those of us who grew up watching Popeye powering up his muscles with a ca of spinach are convinced it was the iron in his favourite food that made him strong. True, spinach does contain iron but, unfortunately oxalic acid, a compound found in spinach, makes it difficult to absorb the iron.

Sugar causes diabetes

Diabetes is a result of a lot of different factors, many of which are still not understood. A key symptom is raised levels of blood sugar (glucose). The raised blood sugar level is a result of having diabetes, not its cause.