The Ultimate Blogging Basics You Must Follow

Blogs, blogs, blogs, they are just everywhere. Almost every person you know would probably have a blog or two. If you are out of the many that have not started with blogging, then this article is for you:

Here are some of the  the ultimate basics of blogging you must follow form the beginning.
It is all about quality blog post not quantity.
If you have been thinking that the more blog posts you have, the better you will do with your blogging. Na! This is not the case. Quality blog post is much better than having loads of posts that do not make any sense at all. Next time you do write a blog post, think again! Be sure you are writing a good one this time around.
Give valuable information to your readers.
Have you ever thought why there are some blogs that became famous and why thousands of blogs are not? The answer is simple. Those blogs that make it big in the Internet world are those that give interest and valuable information to the readers & you should always value your readers and read about The 10 Ways to Find Readers For the Blog. Make sure that when you write a blog post that the content will give good information to the readers and they can make use of it in their daily lives.
Diversify your sources of income.
Blogging is not all about writing a blog post every day. Well, this is the primary reason but if you want to get the most of it – monetize your blog. There are different ways to do so. You can be an affiliate marketer of and other websites, through Google adsense, and selling your own stuff. Have a combination of two out of the three or have them all and you will be reaping the fruits of your labor in the months to come.
Promote & Promote.
How will you have a good number of visitors every day if you simply wait for people to stumble to your blog? If you want your blog to be known and generate an audience, you must promote it online. Not just an ordinary promotion but SEO style. There are different ways to do it; one highly successful method is to promote your blog through Facebook and Twitter. Simply put a link on your status and your friends or followers will be visiting your blog in no time. However, if you want to zoom up the ranking of your blog, use SEO methods like forum posting, article marketing, blog commenting, etc.
Bottom line, blogging is more of being an extension of your thoughts, personality, and ideas. Therefore, no need to worry about people judging you, throwing stones at you for an unbelievable opinion or point of view – just have fun with it! Besides, it is your blog not theirs.