Golf Tips For Beginners


If you are just learning the game of golf, you are probably looking for all the golf tips for beginners that you can find.
The game seems relatively easy.

I mean really, how hard can it be to get a stationary ball into a stationary hole, right?
But golf is deceiving, which is probably why you are now looking for golf tips for beginners.
My best advice to a beginning golfer is NOT to listen to what everyone else tells you.
The tips that they have learned over the years may be fine for them but may ruin your golf swing.
Take the time and invest a little money and take a few professional lessons.
Most golf pros offer a beginners package that will help make sure that you have the basic down like, your grip, your stance, and your swing.
Then you can build a good repetitive golf swing from there. It is also much easier to learn good habits than it is to try and unlearn bad habits.
One of the most important golfing tips for beginners I can give is to learn golf etiquette. Nothing will make you an outcast at your golf club faster than being tagged as a rude golfer.
A few quick ones to learn:
1) Never talk when someone is ready to swing the club.
2) Never walk or park your cart ahead of the next player to play.
3) Watch where you walk on the green, stepping on someones line can really aggravate a fellow golfer.
4) And a really big one is always let faster players play through if the green in front of you is clear.
Before you actually venture out to play a round of golf, practice. Make sure you can at least hit a few balls with a few different clubs.
This will make your first round a little less stressful. Dont set your expectations to high.
You are not going to go out and shoot par on your first round.
In fact, most golfers will never shoot a round in the low 80s, let alone par, so learn the game for the enjoyment and challenges that it offers.
Owning a rulebook is also very important. Golf has some of the dumbest rules you can imagine and there is no way to know all of them.
You will learn most of the rules as you get into the situations that require a remedy.
For example, if you just hit your ball into a lake, what do you do?
There is no simple answer because there are several correct answers; you need to learn the differences so that when you take your drop, you do it so it helps set up your next shot.
Having your own rulebook is also very helpful because some people tend to think they know the rules better than they actually do.
Hopefully, these golf tips for beginners are helpful in developing a love for the game and how it should be played.