Finding Domain Name With Main Keyword For SEO Considerations


So you have a sound plan with you for your blog. What you are writing on & the specific term you are focusing on we call it as the keyword. Next thing you need to work on Search Engine Optimization i.e  SEO.

Some thought might be hitting your head that – we have to make design of blog yet, where should we apply the SEO. But folks, SEO starts with the conceptualization of your blog. And your first technical act involved is buying a cool domain which will be your identity on internet.
Rather than choosing a cool domain that can feel you proud in front of others, think technically. You’re domain should be very precisely chosen, & it should be your most important keyword.

Main Keyword in Domain Advantage

Domain name have maximum preference in search engines. E.g someone’s blog on pet which have many optimized pages and old & well settled but its blog name is something funky like john’s workshop & it is top listed on search engine for a pets website.
Now you choose your domain technically like then you can beat that stupid john by a ‘keyword in domain’ advantage in very less time.
If you are still confused then this example can help you to know the SEO consideration for domain advantage.
You’re having main keyword as ‘blogging tips’ & you have planned to get all traffic on this keyword. So you choose domain as , Even this page have less page rank & traffic this will indexed on top of the first page.

But al best performing keywords are already booked, so what to do?

Then you seek the relevant domain names like or , lime that. Hope you get it now.
Remember to focus most on your main keyword foe SEO as this is going to be the most traffic bringing keyword on your blog/site.
But remember to research the search engines by trying your keywords & SERP’s so that you can get best out of your domain name.
All analysis will consume some time but can get you the best number of traffic. Just want to give you my own blog’s example.

My domain is : it gives me top SERP’s on following keywords:

SEO Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips
SEO Tips
SEO Blog
Blog Tips and many more .

For many of these keywords I have beaten the millions of other bloggers & webmasters & came to  SERP’s in top 3 pages. Which reduced my SEO job by 90%. Now I have very few left (20 pages) to get on the top.