5 Twitter Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid


Twitter is a wonderful vehicle for getting the word out regarding your various online products and services. Twitter marketing, as its now called, is a method by which you alert your followers to oppotoortunities on your website or concerning your products and services. You can even use Twitter to just keep your followers aware of your blog and any new updates or posts that youve published.
But with this great tool also comes great responsibility. Twitter followers are both very loyal and quick to unfollow accounts that they deem to be irresponsible or spammy. You definitely dont want to suffer their wrath, so its best to avoid making any mistakes in your Twitter account when marketing your online presence. Here are a few mistakes that I think are worthy of avoiding; they are some of the most common mistakes out there, so if you can think of others, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

Abusing Hashtags
One thing you should never do is abuse the hashtags, especially popular ones; its technically a method of spamming others feeds, and followers will respond aggressively if they feel as though you are abusing the system. The last thing you need is to be guilty of spamming Twitter; if that happens, your brand could suffer greatly specially if mainstream outlets get a hold of the story.
Too Much Chat Clutter
Another thing you should avoid is having too much chat clutter in your feed. By this I mean that constantly @ing people will just result in a lot of clutter that those who arent in the conversation will find annoying. Its okay to use the @ system to try to get peoples attention occasionally, but if you have an extensive conversation via Twitter, others will probably unfollow you.
Lack of Variety
Have you ever followed an account that simply updated every time the blogger posted a new blog? Do you remember how annoying that was? I find the accounts that simply post updates, as if they were RSS feeds, are the most frustrating because they don’t take full advantage of all that Twitter has to offer. Basically, if I wanted to have an RSS feed, I would subscribe via email. Accounts that dont have any variety in the Tweets quickly become boring and lose followers.
No Plan
You can always tell which Twitter accounts are being used according to a greater social marketing plan, and which are just sort of there because the company or blogger or organization thinks it just has to have a Twitter. If you go into Twitter marketing without a plan, then you risk making lots of mistakes, especially when it comes to integrating your Twitter account into the rest of your online presence. Plan first, then Tweet.
Inappropriate Tweets
Finally, the biggest mistake people make is Tweeting inappropriate Tweets. These Tweets can seriously cause your ship to sink, especially if youre a startup or solitary blogger without the resources to plug big holes and correct mistakes. Remember, keep your personal life private and your public business will be fine.