4 Social Bookmarking Websites To Gain Huge Traffic

Blogging and Social Media goes hand in hand. Your blog needs to have a decent amount of traffic so that you can be motivated to keep it running forever and social media is the major driving force that will bring quality traffic on your website. Social Bookmarking Websites are designed to do exactly this. So here are some of the few Social Bookmarking Websites:

Stumble Upon
This is mainly is an internet community that allows its user to search and explore web pages and other material that suits their style and preferences.  The site comes with a web browser extension that you can use to browse intelligently on the net and browse the web sites accordingly. Many professional bloggers and other community have certified that this platform is indeed is the best place from where you can get the maximum traffic.
This is another popular social bookmarking website that is slowly but surely making a huge impact on the internet. The site currently has more than 100 million users that makes the stuff that is offered by the website as exclusive and highly informational. Many new posts and stories are submitted everyday but only those will appear on the frontpage that have been Digged most of the times. Besides this there is breaking news section that will keep you updated about the latest in the field of Technology, Politics and Entertainment. The results will be great if you have a mutual friend that should dig your post immediately after it has been published. This will have a viral effect on the popularity of your website.
This social bookmarking website belongs to Yahoo!. The site has a lot in store for you ranging from videos, news posts and other web bookmarks that might be useful to you. This leading service allows you to concentrate on the Yahoo search and all your posts will be indexed in the Yahoo’s database and will be visible in their search results.
This bookmarking service is fastly catching up pace with the others in this field. This was initially focussed on the technical blogs and writings but today it has posts across a variety of genres. The site is also a do follow in nature as it has a Page Rank of 8 and Alexa rank of 140. This means that it is a powerful site that can provide you quality backlinks so that your Page Rank can be improved.