So how old do dogs live? Get all the facts by breed!


Every dog owner loves their pet, and wants to live with them forever. However, you cannot keep your dog for a lifetime because they are short living creatures. If you own a dog, you already know the estimated lifespan of your dog; considering that you have researched on that particular breed. Nevertheless, no one could tell you how long your pet will be around. You could know about the average life expectancy of your dog through an internet search. There are many factors that could elaborate how long your dog will be around. Your care and love can increase the life expectancy of a dog, but some things are not in your hand; breed, body weight, sex, and more.

A number of breeds have a tendency to live more as a direct consequence of hereditary qualities. Some types are genetically more vulnerable to a variety of illnesses that can considerably reduce their life, especially if it is not identified at an initial phase. Anyway, consider the possibility of a mixed breed. The life expectancy of mixed breeds is more complex; however, they usually live more than 12 years. You could likewise guess their age from their body weight (small dog= long life, big dog= a bit short life).
Here you can see how old most dog breeds will get.
Body Weight
All in all, bigger breeds have a shorter life expectancy than smaller types. The average life span of dogs is 10 years; considering the global prospective. But, in the US, an average dog could live more than 10 years. If you like a big dog, get it! Don’t be afraid of having it in your home due to the potentially shorter life span. Spending 10 years amazingly with an English Mastiff if far better than spending time with a breed that you don’t like. Yes, body weight is proportional to the life expectancy of a dog, and it affects the lifespan of dogs, but it can be handled by a good dog owner. No matter which type of dog you have, an overweight dog is more vulnerable to disease, which tends to decrease their life.
Male dogs live less than female ones, and it is not a misconception; it is proved in many researches.
Increasing the life expectancy of a dog
You could keep our best friend with you for a long time with proper care which includes Nuetering, spraying, nutrition (you’re what you eat), veterinary care, and exercise. Keep in mind that you cannot control everything; some things are destined to be. You simply need to love your dog as much as you love your baby.