How To Raise A Goldfish

As we know the goldfish average life span is about the 10 year, did you know they can also live more than 10 year according to their life span? By providing the atmosphere according to their natural living and taking proper care goldfish can live healthy and happily and also live more than there average life span.
The goldfish can live in the tiny bowl is the misconception. In the bowl to keep the healthy and full of fun the certain change of the water has to be done because there is no space for the filter to purify the water and remove the dirt from the water made by the goldfish. Due to certain changing of water the health also get damaged. It is better to keep the goldfish in the tank where there is lager space in which the filter can be fit and goldfish can get the large area to grow properly and swim.

The gold need the lot of space to live properly the tank containing the hexagon shape would not be right choice for the fish. You should know there is the ratio while selecting the proper tank for your goldfish. If there is 1 goldfish the tank must be of containing the 7 gallon of water. If you are think for more goldfish then how much the goldfish multiplied by the 7 gallon of the water, at the end which result comes that much water should be contain by your tank. Goldfish is also known for the use of more oxygen they need the lot of oxygen to live so while selecting tank you should select the tank which contains the large area on the surface by which they will get more oxygen. It is known that larger the surface the oxygen will be more.
In the fish species according to their different living they need the water with the different temperature, like the goldfish need the temperature of water in between the 60 to 70 degrees. In the case of the tropical fish the temperature of water must be warm. So while having the tank you should fit the thermometer in tank to know the temperature of the water, because the temperature of the water get high above the 72 degree than may be the cause to the disease and the health problem to the goldfish. So before having tank to the home you should know which fish should be kept with the goldfish in one tank.
The water purity is the most necessary for the proper growth and heath of the goldfish. As we know goldfish make the lot of dirt so to avoid the dirt to get mixed in the water the use of filter is made where the dirt is catch into the filter and the purity of water maintain.The use of the filter is should be done only if the tank contains the more area because the filter provide the power ways due to which the fish gets difficult while swimming in the water.
If you are having the fancy tail goldfish then use of the filter should not be done, because it provided the powerful current of ways in the water due to which goldfish cannot swim properly and due to it get damage to the health. To avoid the sick due to impurity of the water, while feeding you should keep in the mind that you should feed them that much only they can eat in a minutes. If they don’t it you should remove it from the water by which the chances of getting damage to water get reduces. As this waste and the decaying food may cause the water to become the toxic against the fish in the water, by which diseases may occurs to the fish.