Goldfish breeding information and their tips

As we now that the invention of the goldfish is from the China, and as the larger amount of the goldfish breeding is done there. About thousand of the years in the China goldfish breeding are going. To know who to breed is looks easy but to do it in actual it is quiet difficult. To be an expert in the goldfish breeding the practical knowledge is necessary. Before breeding the goldfish you should know the right stage of breeding the goldfish. The right stage of breeding is when the goldfish is about at least one year old. But the expert goldfish breeders say that to have the better result the right age is 3 year old, but in actual it is 2 years old. It normally seen that breeding season comes in the warmer month like the April to August.

While breeding main thing is the temperature required is should be warm. In month’s of April August you should get ready, if you are not prepared for the breeding season of the goldfish you might see in one morning after getting out from the bed, that the tank of the goldfish is get with the full of eggs laid by the female goldfish. If you are not ready then might the eggs can be eaten by the goldfish itself.
Differentiate between female and the male
In the goldfish breeding the main thing is to differentiate between male and the female type. If you differentiate them from each other it will help you to breed them properly. To know difference among them let us see, in the male case they have their tubercles on their pectoral and the gills fins, normally vent are short but at the time of the spawn their vent become more longer. But in the case of the female their stomach will be look in the round shape and their vent become more protruded at the time of spawn.
Goldfish breeding signs
While breeding of the goldfish you should know that one female can lay the 1000 eggs at a one time in which few of them will only hatch and would grow. There should be the ratio of male and the female the ratio should be 2:1. While breeding the male get more aggressive and they start chasing female and into each other bellies they start bumping. If you notice that you should get understand, that the male is encouraging to lay the eggs to the female, so that milt can be realized by male goldfish.
While in these process you notice the male is doing such thing for the week you should take out the female and put in the other tank, if you don’t do that the male will hurt the female.
To goldfish how to breed
There is the few point to remember while breeding the goldfish. While breeding the goldfish the main thing is the temperature of the water. In the colder season with the help of the heater you should maintain the 70 degree C in the morning and the colder in the night for goldfish to assume that the breeding season has come. You should differentiate the male and the female while breeding the goldfish. You have to change only the 25% of the water from the tank to keep the tank clean. While feeding give them brine shrimp or the blood worms to eat and give only that much they can eat in one minute.
In the time of breeding separate the male from the female and put them to another tank so that to create desire to have the breeding. Put them back each other in the tank after some days. After laying their eggs you should ready to create the spawning mop by which you can separate their eggs from the tanks because if you are using the power filter the eggs may get suck and can be destroyed or the goldfish can also eat them. These are the few point’s goldfish breeding by which you can get the help for breed goldfish properly.