Unique honeymoon ideas and tips


When looking for honeymoon ideas the most important thing is to make time to focus on each other and your new life together, to really get some one-on-one uninterrupted quality time as a couple.

Here are some important points to consider when planning a honeymoon:
– When planning a honeymoon you should take into consideration what kind of vacation you and your new spouse normally enjoy because the chances are that if you enjoy an active vacation then you will also enjoy an active honeymoon and if you prefer city breaks to country cottages then the same will go for any honeymoon vacation.
– No matter what style of honeymoon you pick the one element that cannot be left out is that you will need private time alone together during the trip.
– You also have to consider that this may be the last time that you travel as a couple without kids. Once you have kids vacations become working holidays as your time is taken up with looking after the little ones. So use the honeymoon to really focus on each other.
– This is also a chance to get away before “real life” sets in and you have a mortgage and other responsibilities to contend with.
Here are some unique honeymoon ideas to suit your personal vacation tastes and include that romantic je ne sais quoi that a honeymoon has to have.
Safari Honeymoons
On a safari honeymoon you can stay in a luxurious safari lodge and enjoy the privacy of an individual bungalow, safari camps are equipped with all the mod-cons, swimming pools, restaurants etc. Not only that but during the day you can tour the safari and share an unforgettable experience with your new spouse. Africa offers many safari options as well as Zanzibar where you not only have the safari but also the pristine beaches.
Beach Honeymoons
Many honeymoon couples just want to chill out and lie on the beach on their honeymoon and there are not end of romantic beaches to choose from worldwide. Check out the list of the world’s best beaches on TripAdvisor.com. Go for the more secluded beaches so that you can have some personal time and not be sharing the beach with families with kids. For this reason on a beach honeymoon avoid traveling during the school holidays. Try Hawaii, or renting a beach side cottage in Jamaica. Make your honeymoon romantic with long walks on the beach while watching the sun go down.
Winter wonderland Honeymoon
Don’t rule out the option of taking a honeymoon to a cold destination where you can spend winter nights cuddled up in front of a fire. If you travel to northern Europe (Lapland) you can try ice fishing, dog sledding, skiing or take a sleigh ride.  Here too you can stay in a lodge in the middle of the snowy wilderness and really focus on each other. If you both love skiing then try a ski holiday and rent a wooden cabin instead of staying at a crowded ski resort.
City Honeymoons
Depending where you are coming from you may choose to have a honeymoon in a large city. If you are from a small town then what better than to paint the town (city) red in a large metropolis like New York or Chicago. You can do lots of shopping for your new home, see some shows, eat in fancy restaurants and have the romantic side of your honeymoon in a boutique hotel or wandering through a city park. There is also the city night life to enjoy while you still don’t have to pay for a babysitter!
Active Honeymoons
This kind of honeymoon is best suited to couples who have already been together a while and want a honeymoon not only to get close to their partner but to have new experiences and broaden their horizons. There are many options to choose from including trekking, mountain climbing and camping as well as a honeymoon focused on water sports and diving. Even if your purpose is to have fun and adventure the honeymoon has to include some private time, so if camping make sure you pitch your tent away from other travelers.
No matter what your honeymoon destination – it must be romantic, that is the major difference between a honeymoon and any other vacation. Include quite candle lit dinners, long evenings in your hotel room and a romantic walk.