The Best Tip To Store Food Long Term


When you need to stockpile food for survival, you have to learn proper preparation methods. There are many ways you can store food for extended periods of time, but you must have the right type of containers. Plus, you have to store them in the right areas. Proper storage will help keep your food in good condition, and free of borne illnesses, bacteria, freezer burns and premature spoiling.

Here are some storage containers that can help you store food for an extended period of time.
Flip Titer Canisters
These containers are a great size for storing food, and can easily be stacked. They have air tight lids, which will seal and keep your food fresh. If you are tight on storage space, this is a great option.
Ball Mason Jars
This food storage method has been utilized for decades. A rubber ring can be found on the inside of the jar, which will seal during the canning process. You can store dry and wet food in Mason jars, and they will keep fresh for years.

Mylar Bags
The idea behind Mylar bags is to create an oxygen barrier. This will help keep your food fresh, and you can store food for long periods of time. Additionally, Mylar bags can be heat sealed, which will extend the period of time your food can remain in them.

Pill Bottles
If you are into reusing and recycling, then you will love this storage container. A pill bottle has an airtight steal. You can use all bottles that contained medicine, vitamins or herbs. You will want to make sure the bottle is completely empty before storing your food in them. Great idea for dried herbs and spices!

Tips to Store Food For Long Periods Of Time
You have an idea now of what type of containers to use to help prolong the life of your food. Here are some additional storage tips.
·       Store food in dark, dry and cool areas.
·       Also wrap all perishable foods with plastic bags or sealed containers.
·       Get rid of any cans that are swollen, dented, corroded or outdated.
·       Always date your containers with purchase date and expiration date. Put the news supplies in the back, so you use the oldest items first.
·       Put all open packages into an airtight storage container.
·       You will always want to use any perishable food in the refrigerator, pantry or garden first. Then proceed to using food in the freezer.
·       Make a list of food that is in your freezer, so you do not have to dig through your contents.
Being prepared is the key. When you have enough food stored to last you through an emergency, you will have peace of mind. Proper storage of your food will allow you to have food for long periods of time. When containers are opened, your food will be as fresh as the day you placed it in the container, if you store it properly. Take time to ensure you store your food properly, and you will reap the benefits.