Tips to happiness

We all want to know the trick, the simple tips to be happy in life. The tips to happiness are simple, change what you’re doing that makes you unhappy. You watch the news every night? Why? Is depressing and is only meant to get ratings, to keep you hooked. If there is a real danger to you then you hear about it, usually not from the news. The local news will not tell you when the drinking water in your area is unsafe but they will tell you about a horrible incident that occurred 50 miles from where you live and has nothing to do with you.

What television shows do you watch the most? Is it the one where the good guys have issues of their own but they are trying to find the killer? We surround ourselves with all this negative information and we wonder why we cannot become happy. Do you think doctors go home and watch television shows about people who are sick? No, they understand the importance of getting a break from all of this, from not focusing on the negative and surrounding yourself with it. You are online looking for tips to be happy in life because you cannot think of any on your own. Or you know plenty of tips to happiness but you still aren’t happy. So what tips for happiness are you missing? What’s the big secret that you’ve yet to figure out? Have you ever considered the possibility that the reason you’re not happy is because you don’t give yourself a break from the negative stuff? What is instead of getting off work and going to get some junk food for dinner while watching that thrilling crime drama you actually go to the gym and take up a yoga class? That would it make your life any better would it?
Physical exertion occupies the mind to the point that you are only focusing on one thing and once you have completed it you feel a sense of relief, that’s why healthy people continue to exercise on a regular basis. Some of them are not trying to get a six-pack, they actually enjoy exercising because it is a great way to relieve stress and help them to relax. What about your eating? We feel the impulse towards junk food, not because of the taste, but because we have the mentality that it will help us to relax. Some people cannot relax without a glass a wine, some cannot relax without a pizza, some need a glass a wine with an entire pizza and a big bowl of ice cream at the end. That’s not relaxing.
Relaxing is going to sit on your back porch, closing your eyes and just listening to the sound of the birds flying by. That’s it, that’s what we need to do to relax, worked out, read a book, spend time with our friends and things like that. One of the problems and reasons you cannot find happiness is because you build this mentality that only certain things can relax you. What is so stressful about sitting down and having a nice and healthy dinner with your friends or family? But for some reason we think the only way that is going to be relaxing is if we replace the healthy food with unhealthy food. Learning what really relaxes you is a big part of finding a happy life and the quicker you do it the quicker you will start to feel better because you will understand what you need to keep doing.