Tips for quitting smoking permanently


The beginning of the year is the time when most people make resolutions on how they want to quit their unhealthy habits and adopt better options. Making the statement is usually not hard but realizing said resolutions may not be very easy. Quitting smoking is one of such resolutions that tend to be elusive especially without clear cut guidelines and tips that can be used in order for a person to stop the habit permanently. If you have been struggling with smoking; you can afford a smile because there are simple tips that can be followed to encourage you on your endeavor.

The fundamental tip is that you need to be in for the long haul and this means that you should make a commitment on your own to follow the wish to the later. Try to use all means that will keep encouraging you to keep on going even when the urge of falling is so intense.
Put it down in black and white by planning the course you intend to take in order for you to succeed. Wanting to quit smoking is an easy thought but for the results to be achieved there has to be a well thought and drafted plan on how it is to be achieved. This should include the time that the practice is to commence and some of the people you can call or talk to when you are in need of any form of support.
Having a motivating factor can act as a constant reminder every time you develop the urge to smoke. Whether it is a promise made to someone special, health reasons or any other cause make it a habit to remind yourself of the factor to keep you encouraged. Print out the reasons and hang them somewhere you can see.
Learn to control and tame your mind even when it tricks you to take just a single puff. The brain will tell you that this will not bring any harm but once you agree to that one puff your journey to quitting smoking will not be easy anymore.
Join forums and groups of people having the same challenge or those that have already overcome the habit. It is better to get lessons from those with the understanding on how it feels and the struggles that one goes through every day when trying to overcome smoking. They can serve as a source of encouragement plus they make the goal achievable.
Try out a reward plan by giving yourself some motivation. This can be done by keeping all the money that you would have used in buying cigarettes in a jar. Count the money at the end of every week and give yourself a treat from the savings made.
Master the art of delay every time you develop the urge. Take a glass of water instead or opt for snacks such as gums, candy or the healthy snacks such as carrots. Take charge and realize your resolution