Tips on How to Scale Down your Weight

Eating high calorie foods like sweets-pastries and desserts, fried foods and soft drinks sound so yummy.  Before, I loved to eat these kinds of food everyday but later on I got to realized that I am gaining weight so fast so I have started to change my daily diet.

For me, changing that eating habit seems so hard to do but by making small changes in my daily routine and diet also gradually change my weight. I dropped 13 pounds just in two months without feeling deprived.
Here’s how:
• Before you eat make sure that you have to confirm with your body that you are really “physically hungry” because if you’re eating when you’re not hungry, those are already extra calories which your body does not need. Example: save 246 calories by passing up two chocolate chips cookie and a glass 2% milk.
• According to Dr. Kristine Clark, eating portions of food matters a lot. Check the food packaging for suggested serving size and it is calorie content and make a comparison on what you are actually eating.
• If you are on a diet process and you’re dining out and cannot control your portions of food, simply “divide” your meal into 3 and leave a third on your plate, because of that you are now cutting your total calorie without feeling deprived.
• Make smarter substitutions on the food that you want to eat, like if you usually eat buttered toast for breakfast, why try it with a boiled banana or root crop. Instead of using margarine or butter on cooked vegetables try extra virgin olive oil. Always limit your fat gram to 20 a day (remember 1 tablespoon of margarine = 100 calories) For your juices substitute, I suggest fresh lemon juice or local lemon juice is a good choice, it’s cheaper and it’s healthier, avoid using sugar as your sweetener instead use “honey, muscovado sugar, coco sugar, molasses (you can buy these sweetener mostly in organic stores).
• Be conscious in increasing your physical activity even in little ways throughout the day. When you are at work instead of using elevator, why walk and use stairs in going upstairs. Instead of asking a favor for errand why do it with yourself.
• If you are a fast eater, try to stop it, take your time to eat and chew your food and concentrate on enjoying your food instead of gobbling it down the food you want to consume. Start first with soup or salad, because this is the kind of food that you can’t consume very quickly so you will be forced down to slow, it will gives your body a chance to feel satisfied before you overeat.
• You have to build your muscle, go into strength training it will help maintain muscle mass and will burn more calories than fats. Perform a simple weight routine twice a week, it will help you to keep toned and increase the number of calories you burn no matter what you are doing.
Sample of smart food substitutions
TRY                                                          INSTEAD
1 medium size banana                               1 ounce of banana chips
1 medium size apple/orange fruit                 8 ounces of apple/orange juice
1 ounce mozzarella cheese                        1 ounce cheddar cheese
1 tbsp of olive oil                                        1 tbsp of butter/ margarine
brown rice                                                 white rice