Tips for happiness


Some of the best tips for happiness have nothing to do with happiness at all. When people search for tips to be happy in life they often think there is a trick to it. The person you work with always seems to be happy, what is their secret? The person stuck in the same line at the bank as you seems to be happy, what is their secret? Why does it feel like everyone else has the secret to happiness, they’ve read the tips to be happy in life and they do not wish to share with you?

The reason is because they do not have the tips to be happy in life, they just figured out a simple fact, enjoy what you’re doing. Your coworker loves their job which is why they always seem happy. They look at it as something to be proud of rather than just a way to pay the bills. The person standing in front of you in line at the bank might be texting a friend and enjoying the fact that they don’t have to be at work at that moment. What is the person who doesn’t eat doughnuts in the morning and goes to the gym after work in a much better mood that you are? Is it because you are unhappy with your body and they are happy with theirs? No, it’s because they don’t put junk food into their body which impacts their mood and makes them feel sluggish. They also don’t go home after work and watch television, rather they engaged in a physical activity that helps them to blow off steam and make them feel better. This is the point of the tips to be happy in life and what you need to understand, it is the basic decisions we make in our life that determine whether we are going to be happy or not.

A great question that comes up in articles about tips to happiness focuses on married people. Are you one happy in your marriage? Rather than thinking of why or how you are unhappy in your marriage trying to figure out if something outside of your marriage makes you happy? The best time of your week is when you can go out with your friends and have a few drinks and you look forward to it more and more because every time you come home your wife is always giving you an attitude. What is the reason she’s giving you an attitude is because you only go out for drinks twice a week and both times you are going out with your friends rather than taking her out? What if the reason your husband doesn’t like it when you have your friends over for dinner is because you pick a night when his favorite TV show is on or even a sporting event that he wants to watch? It’s these little things we don’t think of that may actually cause the biggest problems in a relationship.
The joke is that you are happier when you’re single, until 1130 at night when you are alone and everyone else is busy because they are married. True happiness comes from being involved in something, comes from being focused on something. It can be your work, your marriage, your family or anything else like that. If you want to learn the best tips to be happy in life you have to try and see what you are doing that is making you unhappy and sometimes it’s the very thing we think is making us happy.