How To Purify Water


Knowing how to purify water is highly important. It is a survival skill that may save your life time and time again. You can live for weeks without food, but only last 3 to 5 days without water. Without water, your organs cannot function properly.

However, it may not always be possible to carry a lot of water with you, and that is why you should know how to purify water. There are different methods for purifying water. You can choose which method suits you best.
This is by far the easiest method when it comes to purifying water. If you have the means to place water in a container and place it over a campfire, you will have purified water in no time. You will want to bring your water to a rolling boil, and allow it to continue for at least five minutes. Take if off the fire, and allow it to cool before drinking.
Filtering or Purification Pumps
You will find the tools you need for this method here on our site or at a local outdoor supply store. There are a variety of pumps that contain filters and purifiers. Non drinkable water will go into the pump, and come out fully purified and ready to drink. Purification will take place as water is squeezed through a series of ceramic or charcoal filters, and will be treated with chemicals.
There are water bottles that have this type of process built in. Your un-purified water will go in the bottle, and become purified as you squeeze the bottle for a drink. The whole process is done in one bottle.
Purification Tabs
Although, purifying tabs do not taste that great, they are very cheap and easy to use. You simply fill your container and drop in a tablet. Iodine is usually the chemical that is used in purification tabs. However, these tabs could contain chlorine or potassium permanganate, as they are effective chemicals when purifying water. This type of purification can also be found in drop form. You will want to allow the chemicals to work for about 20 minutes before you drink the water. Again, expect the water to have a chemical taste to it.
Evaporation Trap In The Ground.
The other methods that were mention require you to be able to have access to water. However, what happens when there is no water nearby? There is a way to pull moisture out of the earth. You will start by digging a hole in the ground. Place a container at the bottom, and put plastic over the top so no moisture can escape. Place a weight in the center, which will make a dip in the center of the plastic. You could use a rock. As water evaporates from the ground upwards, condensation will drip from the plastic and into the container.
This method will take a while, as you have to wait for condensation to form and drip, but it is very efficient in an emergency. You will have to have a container and plastic cover with you in order to do this method.