How to managed yourself in Job Hiring and Interview

Another batch of newly Graduates arises the year and mostly one of them aim for having a better job after their graduation. Because of stiff competition, having additional knowledge in applying for a dream job makes these newly batch of graduates more confident and assertive in reaching their ultimate goal…to get hired.

Here are some tips to learn
1. Make a well detailed resume avoid using unnecessary words, as much as possible use words that are simple and direct to the point.
2. Include your main objective, why you want to be a part of the company. In your application letter, emphasize the job position that you are applying for. Have the thought always that the job position you are applying is much related of the course that you have taken in college.
3. Resume should contain only essential details about your background, like the school that you have attended in college, organizations and training that you have involved with (make sure you have the original certificates of your training because this would add a big plus factor into your credentials).
Note: Do not include your achievements done during elementary and high school days because these only add volume in your resume content.
4.  Attached a clear and well updated photo picture in your resume, like 2×2 ID picture.
5. Just have 2 or 3 pages of your resume done, together with your other credentials put your resume or curriculum vitae in a clean and nice folder or envelope.
Personal Hygiene and proper Dress Code for Female
1. When having a schedule for a job interview have a fresh and clean look always. As much as possible wear a descent dress like the corporate look attire.
2. Wear a pencil type of skirt or 1 inch above the knee skirt and for the pants you have the choice of slacks pants. Incorporate your pencil skirt with a nice and classy style of polo or long sleeves. White, beige and neutral tones are nice choice of color for the polo. For the skirt and slacks, dark tones of shades are good choice to make like black, gray or chocolate brown.
3. Avoid wearing flashy dress like micro skirt, sleeveless on top because these would distract other attention. Always remember that you should be comfortable of the corporate type of dress that you are going to wear because it will show and add your confidence in how you will carry yourself especially during the interview portion.
4. For the shoes, wear formal black shoes or pump shoes with 2 or 3 inches heels. Avoid wearing high heels as it would add a little discomfort (remember you are applying for a job, you have to wear a comfortable pair of shoes because it takes a little time waiting and showing your skills).
For the accessories and make up
1.  Apply basic tone of make up on your face such light foundation, then dab a nice and sheer color of lipstick on your lips. Importantly use a brown shade of eyebrow pencil (since its daytime) in defining your brow. For the eyes, it’s better to use a light color or complimentary color of eyeshadow with just a hint of dark eyeliner for that barely there look. Don’t forget to put mascara in your lashes for it will add emphasis and expression in your eyes.
2. The hair of your choice should be fixed like tied up or a ponytail hairstyle or a clean look bun style so that your face will look clean and fresh all day long.
3. Wear basic accessories, for the earrings just wear simple cut one and basic style like pearl. Avoid wearing dangling, big loops, flashy and chunky jewelry.
4. To smell good all the time, use floral and refreshing citrus scent, or any scent that suites your taste as long as it smells refreshing all day long.
Proper Hygiene and Dress Code for Male
It’s always best to look for a man to look clean and refreshing always especially during applying for a job. For men’s attire, it’s advisable that men should wear the corporate look. Like for the pants it should be slacks paired with a nice polo or long sleeves, add a dashing of coat or suit, for it would result of a complete detail of corporate look attire.
Choose safe and basic shades of color for the outfit like black, gray, navy blue, beige or khaki.
The shoes to wear must be formal…rubber shoes should be avoided and a black sock to wear is a must.
For the Accessories and Grooming
1. For the accessories, men should avoid to wear chunky metals of rings and necklaces. Also wearing of earrings is a big no.
2. Have a clean and formal haircut. Adding a dab of gel will make a nice grooming of the hair.
3. Lastly, have a refreshing and cool smell of cologne or perfume to use, since applying for job takes awhile to get done.
Tips on actual job interview
Having schedule for a job interview  is exciting at the same time tough thrill of your moment, so always put in mind that first impression is a must and it would last.
1. Empress the interviewer/employer by arriving at the interview area ahead of time. Be there by 15 or 20 minutes before your time schedule so that you can still prepare yourself and relax at the same time.
2. As you meet the interviewer be polite and have a firm handshake and introduce yourself. Be attentive of your actions, have a good posture always because it would reflect your physical character.
3. Show enthusiasm and interest in the job position that you are applying for by maintaining an eye to eye contact with the interviewer. Have a quick response in your conversation and as much as possible have only relevant answers to the question that has been asked to you and be confident in every action that you will do.
4. Always be true to yourself because it would reflect your character or persona outside. Always have a good attitude and the desire to learn because these are some factors that mostly employers are looking for a new prospect to be hired.
5. Lastly, don’t forget to say “Thank You” or “nice meeting you sir/ma’am” and have a firm handshake with the interviewer.
In every job interview that you will have, always be positive and be the best of yourself and ask guidance from the lord almighty, surely you will get hired.