What should be prepared for your first trip to Beijing?


Being confused in multiple of travelling choices, air pollution … is the thing that can eventually ruin your journey in Beijing – the capital of China. What should be prepared for your first trip to Beijing?
Thanks to the mix of tradition and modernity, small ancient streets and immense squares, every year, Beijing attracts a vast number of visitors. However, the diversity can become a fabulous trap for tourists who visit this place for the first time. Here are some tips that might be useful for those who are just “newbies” in exploring Beijing.
What should be prepared for your first trip to Beijing?
A list of too many places is unadvisable.
You should remember that Beijing is a large city, if you don’t have many time, it’s not a brilliant choice to go as much as possible. This will prevent you from fully enjoying your trip. How can it be exciting and memorable if you just hastily take a glimpse at the destinations and then forget about it right away. Most foreign tourists are exhausted after visiting Pagoda, the palace, the Great Wall and then eating, drinking, shopping and walking around the old town only in a day.
With strict security checks, complicated subway system and far distance between the locations, the capital of China can consume time rapidly if you are not familiar with the road.
Therefore, you should prioritize the location first. Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square can be your number 1 choice as they are the most famous “perfect two”. As Summer Palace will need a whole day to explore, it’d be better if you visit it on your next day. In order to avoid traffic congestion, not waking up late and ending you trip before the rush hour is advisable.
Paying attention to smoke and mist status in the air is required
In Beijing, air pollution will have negative impacts on your tour. Particularly, your eyes might be misted by the steam overwhelming at Yiheyuan. Air pollution hinder your vision, hence you can’t take a high – quality picture. It also makes you feel tired more quickly. You can use the applications to choose plans Airpocalypse excursions.
To reduce the effect of smoke and mist, you can watch weather forecast before starting your trip to choose a suitable destination. For instance, if the air quality is low, you should visit museum or galleries. Wandering in the palace, temple will only be carried out in a nice weather.
You should be mentally prepared to avoid being shocked toward a population of 11 million people.
When somebody is standing behind you interrupt a queuing line, you know you’ll need to be stronger and tougher. You should keep calm when crossing the street in urging whistle or congested traffic lanes.
You need to be prepared to get familiar with the strict security checker in Beijing. You might you’re your bags, backpacks checked at the marina every time you take the subway. Several attractions, which also have security gateways, such as Mao Zedong Mausoleum, and do not allow visitors to bring a camera and video recorder.
Frequent travelers’ advises are not always useful
Take a walk to explore the city. In fact, the land of the Great Wall will be a challenge if you are experiencing by walk. Take a rental car, or some information about public transport to save time and effort.
“Let’s explore the city by yourself, by your own foot!” that what they said. In reality, walking on the Great Wall and be a tough challenge. In order to save time, you should do some researches about the public transport or rent a car to save you time and effort.
An ideal choice is bicycle which can easily be rented with a reasonable price. All you need is passport, deposit and check the bike beforehand. Subway stations are equipped with signposts written in Roman, there’s even voice guide in English. At the bus stop, you can ask the guard for help.
However, you should not embrace too much hope in the popularity of English in Beijing.
English isn’t a common language in China
Preparing a dictionary, downloading a linguistic application for you smart phone or asking the receptionist to write down the address in Chinese to give to the taxi driver is advisable.