Things you must try during your trip to Hangzhou


Going sightseeing in West Lake
There are 30 lakes named West Lake in China, but West Lake which is located in the west of Hangzhou is definitely a true masterpiece created by Mother of Nature. The lake is about 6.2 kilometers square and three sides of it are surrounded by the mountains, while the other side is near the town. Moreover, above the lake’s surface, there are bridges built across and stalls displaying finely designed statues. This definitely boosted up the out – standing beauty of West Lake even more.

Savoring tea in Long Jing village
Long Jing village is popularly known as the paradise of tea not only due to the fact that this is where the famous Long Jing tea was born but also for its numerous and diversified tea plantation. Located in the southwest of West Lake, every year, Long Jing villager warmly welcome visitors to visit tea plantation and harvest tea leaves by themselves. You can easily participle this exciting activity by taking on a tea – picking tour.
Apart from Long Jing tea, Long Jing’s shrimp is also a well – known cuisine of the village. Savoring the delicious shrimp with sipping a cup of tea is undoubtedly a perfect combination.
Shopping on Qinghefang Street
While promenading on Qinghefang Walking Street, which is regarded as the heaven of shopping, you will be attracted by a huge number of gorgeous and colorful goods sold everywhere on the street. Hence, if you don’t want to be broke, you should prepare a sensible shopping plan before visiting the street.
You can buy plenty of fine goods on Qinghefang Street, including silk, tea, pottery and so on. Moreover, the price of silk sold on Qinghefang Street is fairly cheap as Qinghefang is considered China’s silk center. Therefore, it will be extremely easy for you to purchase a high – quality silk shawl charged for 5 to 10 dollars.
Visiting Lingyin Temple
Lingyin Temple contains more than 3000 buddhist priests and it is the most illustrious temple of Hangzhou. The architecture of Lingyin temple is also one of the reasons that help it attract lots of visitors. The center chamber is constructed with three roof storey. The highest storey display Shakyamuni statue made completely from wood and the surrounding are smaller statues with the same material and diversified shape.
The temple is always very quiet and peaceful as it is a place for Buddhism. All of the visitors coming to Lingyin Temple are required to respectfully follow the temple’s rules.
Coming to Xixi National Wetland Park
Located in the west of Hangzhou city, this is one of the scarce places that are still not modernized. The wide area of Xixi National Wetland Park is mainly covered by water. Thanks to the desire to maintain traditional markers, the park looks very like an ancient Chinese town. This will help you experience the feel of traveling through time.