Things that should be get rid of during your trip to China

Popular for its rich traditional culture, China is regarded as one of the most well- known travelling destination in the world. However, this country seems to be pretty hard to access since many familiar items around the world are banned here. It’s fairly strange, but the following are a few things that you will not be able to see or use easily when you visit China.

Things that should be get rid of during your trip to China
Social networking sites
It’s virtually impossible for anyone staying in China to get access to foreign country’s social networking sites without passing the “Chinese firewall” – the network security censorship which has been developed by the government for over a decade. Although the authority promised to loosen the management, it’s still a long way to the day when people can update Twitter in China without difficulty.
In 2009 China made a decision to block Facebook and since then, there has been no clue about resuming transmission. Many analysts believe that this is related to a riot between Muslim Uighurs and Han people in Xinjiang, happened in the July of that year. Also, there is a reasonable and evidential theory that the prohibition is published for the purpose of promoting domestic technology products.
Similar to other online social networks, applications prioritising designed for mobile phone like snapchat are also forbidden in China. This will eventually give domestic companies an opportunity to increase their market share. The beneficial result of the ban is that some domestic applications such as Weibo, Wechat are widely available on the phones of millions users.
Surprisingly, even google, the most illustrious search engine in the world also can’t be accessed in China. Despite Google’s non – stop efforts to negotiate with Chinese government, most of native residents can only utilize Google when they pay for the software to overcome the thing so called “firewall”. In China, the most used search engine is Baidu.
Foreign Website
Not only google and social networking sites, thousands of other foreign websites which include political or pornographic subjects are also blocked. The purpose of this action is to prevent people from visiting websites which criticize the government, express political views and human rights or consist of unhealthy contents.
Before being published in China, every book has to overcome the censorship conducted by General Department of Publication and Press. All subjects related to human rights, Tibet or Communist Parties are rejected. This is also applied to the information concerning the property of government officials.
Foreign films
You won’t have many choices of international movies when you come to a movie theater in China because there are only 34 international movies are premiered each year and they are all under the government’s extremely strict management.
A typical example is “Brokeback Mountain” which is a very successful movie, directed by a Taiwanese director, picked up Academy awards, is banned from Chinese cinemas.