The stunning beauty of mountains and rivers in Wenzhou


Wenzhou is a city directly under Zhejiang province. Coming to Wenzhou, you will be immersed in the gorgeous beauty created by Mother of Nature.

Yandang moutain
Yandang is a picturesque mountain located along Wenzhou’s coastal line. This mountain is one of the first national landscapes in China and on the top ten most illustrious mountains of the country. Yandang has been discovered since the Southern and Northern Dynasty but its popularity only grew substantially during the Tang and Song Dynasty. Therefore, Yandang is a perfect combination of natural beauty and diversified cultural value.
Originally, Yandang is an ancient volcano with typical rhyolite tectonics created 120 million years ago. Hence, Yandang will give you the opportunity to mingle with the natural beauty of steeps and pointy pinnacles, mountain sides with verdant forests, bamboo forests, crystal clear stream, waterfalls and absolutely superb caves. What is more, inside those beautiful caves, there a multiple of temples built a long time ago.
Lingfeng mountain top, Lingyan rocks and waterfall Dalongqui are the places that attract many visitors.
To appreciate this spectacular wonder, in 2004, the government makes Yandang become Chinese National Geoparks and in 2005, it honorably became a member of World Geoparks.
Nanxi River
Approximately 26 kilometers away from the Wenzhou city’s center, Nanxi is known as the “First river under heaven” and it’s length is about 145 kilometers. It reflects the typical beauty of a valley with cool breeze and flows across lush greenery.
Nanxi has many rare plant species protected by the government, such as the Fagus Hayatae, the Gingko and the Pterocarya Stenoptera. Along the river, there are up to seven tourist attractions, including Nanxi River, cultural scenic area with beautiful villages, Darou Rock, Shiwei Rock, Beikeng, Rock Water, Tumen and Sihai Mount.
The best way to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Nanxi is to sit on a bamboo raft drifting along the peaceful flow. Due to the shallow depth of the river, drifting isn’t really a dangerous activity. Moreover, if visitors drift at night, they can have one of the experience in their lives. What is greater than perceiving beautifully sparkling lights and the harmony of fishermen’s songs under the moonlight?
Baizhangji Feiyun Lake
Located in the southwest of Wenchou city, this is where Liu Ba Wen – one of the legendary founders of China was born. Simailar with many other Chinese attractions, Baizhangji Feiyun’s naturally primitive scenery wonderfully mingles with the recreation of human kinds.
Some attractive places that you won’t want to miss during your trip to Baizhangji Feiyun are Tongling Park, Jiu Li Temple Heriatge, China highest waterfall – Baizhang, Zhuyang Nine, Tianding Lake, Longqi Fountain, Yanmen Ravine and Feiyun Lake.