The heavenly beauty of Jiuzhaigou


Jiuzhaigou – a famous attraction in Sichuan, China is regarded as “Heaven of Earth” with red and yellow leaves printing their shadows on the surface of 108 lakes with different sides and shape.
The heavenly beauty of Jiuzhaigou
The name, Jiuzhaigou, which means valley of Nine Fortified which is taken from the nine Tibetan villages along its length. To compliment Jiuzhaigou’s extremely beauty people usually say that if you’ve ever visited Jiuzhaigou, you will not need to visit any other lakes. Jiuzhaigou is beautiful in every reason and each reason has a separated beauty. While spring embellish the forest with cherry blossom and petals slightly flying over the blue water, summer give it a blue sky face – to – face with the calm surface of the lakes. And in winter, the dazzlingly white color of snow in a gloomy winter afternoon and the cold breeze are really exceptional. But Jiuzhaigou is still prettiest during autumn with the perfectly beautiful appearance of red leave carpets.
This is a destination for a lot of couples. Coming here, you can easily catch the romantic scene of people who are deeply in love holding hands and walking on the wooden road. The crystal clear water with multi – color system, the fanciful sight around different lakes and multi – layer waterfalls can satisfy even the prissiest.
Jiuzhaigou consists of three valleys arranged in a shape of the letter “Y” called Rize, Zechawa and Shuzheng. A lot of famous movies and television series were filmed here such as Hero, journey to the West… therefore, if you visit Jiuzhaigou, you will be able to recall memorable scenes from your favorite movies.
One of Jiuzhaigou’s marker is that this place has total 108 lakes and each lake is beautiful in its own way. The largest and deepest lake is Changhai, which is 105 meters deep and 7.5 kilometers long, it’s former in a sickle shape. Another out – standing lake is Wucai Chi. Although it’s not as large as other lakes, it’s surrounding scenery and color are diversified.
Beside the lakes, waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou are also incomparable. A typical example is Nuorilang waterfall, it’s the largest waterfall in Chinese plateau and one of Jiuzhaigou’s emblems. Another part of Jiuzhaigou that remarkable contributed to its popularity is Reed Lake – a 1375 meters long swamp with a sapphire blue stream covered by reeds. The contrast of the stream’s color and reeds’ color appears the most obviously in autumn when those reeds turn yellow.
The highest temperature of Jiuzhaigou is in July and August, which range from 18 to 24 degree. In 1990, Jiuzhaigou was in the top 400 most beautiful attractions in China. Until now it’s still a favorable destination for many people especially loving couples.
The entrance fee is about 220 CNY and the bus ticket to go sightseeing all the spots in Jiuzhaigou is 90 CNY. Tourist usually prefers to purchase both tickets as Jiuzhaigou’s total area is really large. Hence, it’d be difficult for them to visit every place of Jiuzhaigou in a day just on foot.