Strange products sold only in China

Tea made of panda feces, canned air, virgin tea… are strange products that can only be seen in this world’s most populated country.

Raw crab selling machine
In 2010, the company called Twin Lakes Crab, which provide crabs, has installed a raw crab automatic selling machines at Nanjing’s train stations. Crab is kept at 5 ° C which is cold enough to temporarily paralyze them. The machine also sells ginger vinegar to eat with the crab.
Panda Tea
This tea is made from panda feces and is one of the world’s most expensive teas. A kilogram of this kind of tea costs about $ 77,000. In theory, pandas only digest 30% of the nutrition they consume and the rest is eliminated. There’s a relief that apart from nutrition, panda feces also contain antioxidants that may be cancer – proof. Therefore, Panda Tea’s ability to fight against cancer and reduce weight is always advertised widely.
Food served by machine
In 2011, an inventor named Cui Runquan has invented Cui Chef – a machine which is capable of cooking noodles. More than 3,000 machines were produced and its price is about $ 2000. A fast food chain in Shanghai has used the robot to wash the dishes, mix the ingredients, cook and then serve the food in only a 3-minute time.
Canned air
This basically is just a can filled with fresh air, introduced to the public by Chen Guangbiao Company. This shows that how serious air pollution in China has become.
Similarly to many other products, canned air also has different types such as “Pristine Tibat” or “Taiwan before industrialization”.
Replacements in a traffic jam
It’s pretty common for big cities in China to have its road congested or hours. A bizarre service called traffic jam replacements was provided. Specifically, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you will call the service center and tell them you location. As quickly as possible, two people riding a motorbike will come to you, one will take you to your destination and the other will replace you place and wait till the traffic is unblocked.
A manikin kingdom tour
This kingdom is a province in Yunnan, China with a total area of about 52 kilometers square. It’s similar to an entertainment park where most of the facilities are minimized and inhabitants are dominated by manikins.
Obama Fried Chicken
This name might remind you of KFC (Kentucky’s fried chicken). In fact, this is just an imitation of KFC. The store use KFC banner style and a logo with the image of Barrack Obama selling chicken.
Living turtle key chain
One of the strangest things you can buy in China is the key chain which contains live animals like turtles or fish in mini size. They are put into small plastic bags filled with nutrient which believed to be able to feed the animals in 3-4 months. However, the plastic bags that are completely sealed and it prevents oxygen from going in. This was disapproved by many animal protection organizations. Many people buy just for luck, while many others buy this to free the captured animals.
Virgin tea:
Tea Plantation in Henan Province Jiuhua hired girls who have large breasts and still remain their virginity to pick tea leaves by their mouth. The girls do not allowed to touching the tea leaves by hand. Moreover, there must be no scars, tattoos or wounds on their body. According to a legend, this tea absorbs the purity of virgins and eventually it will gain a special flavor.